Warning for Rotherham blue badge holders

Warning for blue badge holders as Rotherham man fined £125

A 31-year-old man has pleaded guilty to Blue Badge misuse in Rotherham.

Oliver Luke Trepte, of Claremont Street, Kimberworth, pleaded guilty by post and was convicted at Rotherham Magistrates Court earlier this month. He was fined £125.


Readers might also be interested in the Blue Badge Files:


1 thought on “Warning for Rotherham blue badge holders

  1. I have absolutely no sympathy with anyone who abuses the Blue Badge system. Having just obtained one for my badly disabled wife, we are still very careful and mindful of others, where we park. The Blue Badge does not give an absolute right for them to park anywhere they want but often you wouldn’t thinks so when you see where some of these very selfish people park!

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