Police probe into Rotherham child abuse could examine role of East Riding officer Pam Allen

Development in the saga of the child sexual exploitation story:

Police probe into Rotherham child abuse could examine role of East Riding officer Pam Allen

THE role of a senior East Riding Council officer who was in charge of safeguarding at Rotherham at the height of unchecked child abuse could be examined in a new police investigation into the scandal.

Pam Allen worked for Rotherham Council in childcare services for 13 years before joining East Riding Council in 2009.


9 thoughts on “Police probe into Rotherham child abuse could examine role of East Riding officer Pam Allen

  1. We want them all investigated and we have the evidence just get on with it lets start knocking on some doors.The Labour Party need to be part of this investigation because they turned a blind eye what a shambles this is.The survivors,victims and families will not go away.The NCA have the evidence all these people perverted the course of justice.


    • And would South Yorkshire be enduring these costs, if it wasn’t for the behaviour of you fellow taxi drivers and community. I am wondering why the Equality Commission has investigated Rotherham council or South Yorkshire Police over discrimination againist white children. Surely there is a case to answer.

      Whichever way you look at it, if you add up all the costs. The marches, the reorganisation of Children Services in Rotherham, the Council. The Health service in relation to CSE. The reinvestigation of historic and on going child abuse, including now ex council officials. The pay off of council officials, Joyce £40000. The impending legal actions of the victims againist the council and the Police. The scumbags who raped these children, no doubt they will be all claiming legal aid. It’s very expensive business, living in Multicultural society with over 300 Pakistani criminals still at large.

      And whose fault is all this then?


  2. Quite right anonymous BUT, don’t forget, this is the PCC, once again, playing politics and abusing his position. This is the man who told us all in the lead up to his election, “I am not a politician” to con those people who never wanted a politician in control of the police and when all along he had, in the past, been deputy leader of Sheffield City Council. He will never, and has not ever stopped being a politician and a dishonest one too.


  3. We have these clowns at East Riding now and surprise surprise the same things are happening. Rapists having their records hidden, children being threatened with menaces if they speak out and children’s services and the police losing records and working hand in glove. They are truly evil.


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