RPHDA – a last ditch attempt at persuasion

Understand there will be a meeting with Commissioners and the Rotherham Private Hire Drivers Association (RPHDA) tomorrow.

This meeting is said to be the last ditch attempt, by the RPHDA, to convince the Commissioners of their case.

Their case is without merit, based as it is on changes designed to allow the wide spread criminality, associated with the taxi trade to continue unabated. The arguments deployed so far, are entirely bogus, and as they are threatening legal action to back this up, I suspect they know it too!

The RPHDA has problems of it’s own. Behind the scenes it is said to be controlled by Jahangir Akhtar, with the so-called leadership, self imposed. No membership meetings have taken place, to endorse the replacement of Sajid Bostan, for example. It can no longer lay any claim to be the legitimate expression of it’s members and frankly until they become that, meetings with anyone, leave alone the Commissioners, should be taken with ‘a pinch of salt’!

I am sure the commissioners will see straight through their antics, with a mob of angry taxi drivers outside perhaps, they are up to intimidation, not negotiation!

Some illuminating comments that bear repeating here:

“Why shoudn’t they fight to keep their perks?

Tax evasion, benefit fraud and the freedom to use their taxis, not always with the correct, or even a licensed, driver, for those purposes, CCTV of the right kind, would put a stop to!

Surely the RPHDA can’t be defending any of the above, can they?”

and another:

“That goes a long way to explain why a small town like Rotherham supports, as many taxi drivers as it does, 1200 I believe?
If the RPHDA fails ot repudiate this criminality within their ranks, and works to eradicate it, we will know they are a bogus organisation, an equivalent of ‘the Emperor with no clothes’!”

A final point, the Rotherham taxi trade was adjudged ‘not fit for purpose’ and it would appear the RPHDA have no interest in changing things for the better, but preserving as much of the past as possible, to enable the attendant criminality, to go on unchecked. The RPHDA is therefore, ‘not fit for purpose’ too!




13 thoughts on “RPHDA – a last ditch attempt at persuasion

  1. I think the Commissioner, licensing dept , would’ve done their homework and be quite prepared for this meeting. One of the first questions they should ask these so call representatives, is when they were elected by a full vote of all their members and do they have any association or being advised by anyone who is disqualified from their ranks. Once their questionable legitimacy has been established, the authorities should listen to their concerns and kindly but firmly inform them that, while they appreciate their input in this matter, they have to consider the conerns of the wider community. Also inform them that they had every opportunity for years, to clean up their act, but choose not to do so. They should also tell them that they look forward to any legal action, they might mount. However it won’t delay the enforcement of the new regulations.


    • Anybody with a list of taxi company’s collecting for the legal fight, just so I can narrow my list further of company’s to boycott if required.


    • Just to state a fact here only. If an application for a judicial review is granted then the council then everything is halted and Rotherham Council cannot implement any further changes until the outcome of the judicial review.


  2. Is Akthar’s taxii license still suspended ? If it is how can a person who cannot drive a taxi represent the taxi drivers in the RPHDA?


  3. Rik, excuse my ignorance, but if Akhtar is not representing the RPHDA, then who is? And surely the other taxi drivers are not open to being used and
    controlled by some one , however devious, behind the scenes.


  4. Tariq (Hackney)
    Tareq (Eurocab)
    Bostan crew and insiders still dealing on their behalf.
    Someone who went to one of their weddings yesterday was telling me that these lot were there chuming it up within their taxi associates probably having a pre meeting to plan ahead.
    Are the names above correct if not who are these that keep getting mentioned as the so called leaders and gang affiliates of Jahngir Akhtar and the Bostan’s.


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