Star – Rotherham victims and families draw up new plan to tackle abuse

Rotherham victims and families draw up new plan to tackle abuse

A group of Rotherham child sexual exploitation survivors and their families have helped created a new national plan to help councils tackle grooming gangs.

The steering group, consisting victims, survivors and their families involved in the Rotherham scandal, are sending their recommendations to every council in the country, as well as to MPs.

8 thoughts on “Star – Rotherham victims and families draw up new plan to tackle abuse

  1. The best hope of recovery for Rotherham’s children and families yet. I see a ray of hope on the horizon for these kids, their families and the future of Rotherham. Let the powers that be listen to the real experts and they may learn something. ‘ He who has ears, let him hear’

    All the very best to survivors and their families… May you go from strength and make a real difference for good in Rotherham and beyond…..


  2. Really great to see these survivors are down but not out , and have within themselves the capacity
    to rise above the horror and commit to the worthy cause of self recovery and a social conscience. In my view they need a standing ovation and a thumbs up from all who comment on this sight…..


    • Can you expand Poetmorgan …. Not quite sure what you mean… That they will be opposed I do understand,(but Goodness knows why) regarding the last part of your post , I am not sure what you mean….
      It heartens me that this is not a group pushing a political wheelbarrow .
      No doubt many of these girls and families will have some measure of Post traumatic stress disorder . One thing is sure. They can only do better than all the previous failed and corrupt systems.


  3. Quite right Linda, lets hope this plan is sent to every Town, City and Borough throughout the country because these Pakistani perpetrators are everywhere and wherever they are, these crimes will be committed! Let’s not bury our heads in the sand, this is fact.


    • What I mean is they are in for the long haul. Look at the cover up over the Hillsborough disaster of 1989. Those poor families have stuck to it and are now getting initial results but their fight continues.
      This group must not expect every smiling and welcoming face to be the face of a friend. Obstruction and obfuscation are well practised arts in the political establishment. Remember it was South Yorkshire Police who initially libelled Liverpool fans and then played a long delaying game. The Families of Rotherham victims face the same opponent plus social workers and politicians who ought go to prison and will do anything to save their worthless hides and get to that pension and generous severance package.
      Local victims are essentially unskilled at this political and judicial game and they are up against skilled operators.
      I believe they will win but only if first they know their enemy. That is the first rule to follow.
      There is now a case in Bristol of a Muslim “community leader” and “government advisor” going to Crown Court accused of repeated rapes. The threats to our young are all over the place.
      As the perpetrators get closer to long jail sentences they could well get murderous so beware of the hit and run driver. As the old saying goes “beware of Greeks bringing gifts”. There will be Trojan horse tactics to delay things. There will be attempts to divide victims and get them quarrelling amongst themselves – divide and rule! There will be false accusations and even arrests on perjured evidence. Nothing is too nasty for cowards at bay.
      I could go on. I think this will do


      • Thanks Poetmorgan, a great response. I agree with what you are saying and I am disappointed by the little response to this brave move from the bloggers on this sight. It is a sad reflection on what society has become and on my worst days I am prone to a sense of temporary despair for the world my grandchildren and great grandchildren will live in.
        However this little band of walking wounded people of Rotherham still inspire me that heroism still exists and even though the battle is and continues to be long and hard they are living proof of what true courage is. The old quote ” Courage is not the absence of fear but some things in life are more important than fear.” They are the noble response to the moral bankruptcy of a nation….
        At one of the council meetings ( I view them on webcast from new Zealand) the young newly elected Chris Read on his maiden speech said that old methods of dealing with the shame of the CSE won’t work in todays world. How wrong he is and those who agree with his view. This little band of abused victims by sexual deviants , neglected by law enforcement and treated contemptuously by council and some social workers are demonstrating that heroism still exists and in my view the only hope for the future of Rotherham and beyond.
        They have a good reason to engage in this moral fight. Nobody else is going to do it for them. Deviants exist in high places too and will go to any lengths to guard their own ass even at the expense of children.

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  4. Would be marvellous if the aurthories that be, actually took this group advice. Who has better experience or more knowledge of this subject, than the victims, families and outreach workers, who tried to warn the council, Police and others of this impending tragedy. But alas, they will encounter there previous rebuttals of them not being professionals. Didn’t see saint Sarah name being mention, normally she never misses an opportunity of cheap publicity.


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