Violated – the book Rotherham citizens should read

Violated, the new book by Sarah Wilson is now available in the shops and online. Got a copy yesterday in Morrisons of all places, will publish a review once our reviewer has studied it.

If you want to order your own copy from Amazon, click on the image below.


17 thoughts on “Violated – the book Rotherham citizens should read

  1. I have read extracts of this book, via serialisation and it paints a sad story. However one must ask a simple question. Even though these girls were seduced and control by these guys, was the family upbringing or their education of such a poor standard, that they were unable to see the dangers. Was the promise of a fag or a drink, so alluring, that the inherent dangers were diluted. Didn’t these same girls , not have other pursuits, to engage themselves in, until they were of age and maturity to make decision about who they would have fun with. Doesn’t that tell us something else about this tradegy, that we never alerted these girls to these dangers or even bothered to help them.

    Didn’t the good folk of Rotherham, through there silence, give tacit approval of this abominable behaviour. Are we as so far removed from any guilt as the Pakistani’s or authorities . After all you voted back in the people who you blame for this problem.


    • It’s doubtful Anonymous has teenage children .Another kick in the guts for desperate parents. Most parents get quite a surprise how strong willed our teenage children can be when parents offer sound advise that makes no sense to them until it’s too late…..


      • Yes, it is hard. Teenagers with all those exploding hormones are difficult. It is easy to criticise from a basis of theory without experience. How can a parent automatically be aware that grooming is going on. Child groomers are clever and devious and do not come with a warning sign.


  2. Has anonymous ever tried convincing a teenager not to do something and make them aware of dangers. I have and twice they rebelled but eventually saw the light. All teenagers have their moments they know best until afterwards when they find out they parents are trying to guide them and that it is because they love them also they care about them.


  3. to the 1st Anonymous comment.. You reply is exactly what and why the whole of our society is to blame, You speak just like one of the perpetrators or police/politicians or members of council who all said the same thing.
    I hope you one day get to feeling like many of the other parents who went through and are still going through the living nightmare of dealing with CSE.
    Your ignorant foolish attitude is like a knife in the back to all the poor victims out there in our towns.


    • Always someone’s else fault, unrulely teenagers, parents didn’t have the skills to deal with them. So the promise of some cheap gifts and naughtiness with someone older, was exciting. Then again we should think back to Bill Wyman and Many Smith, perhaps those 2 clowns were template to be follow. Heard often on here Pakistani treated the girls with contempt, but wasn’t they only following what the rest of you’s thought anyway. I mean what does it really say about Rotherham. While most of you were stuffing your fat gullets with something hot and spicy, your little girls were getting some curry loving and liking it.


        • The opinions make difficult reading, I agree, but removing them and pretending the attitudes being expressed, do not exist, is the wrong way to go as it leads to censorship.
          Wasn’t that also a part of Rotherham’s problem, pretending organised criminality wasn’t happening?
          These attitudes are unfortunately commonplace and must be challenged robustly!


  4. Sickened…… You like others have focus your outrage into a narrow tunnel of blame, and can not see that mistakes were made by all. From your gloriously cowardly polictians, the buffoons of your Police, the sheer imcompetence of your Social workers. Finally the so call common folk of Rotherham, who somehow must have been in some form of self induced coma and surpposedly never knew this was going on. Stop blaming everything on the Pakistani’s and look closer to home. It won’t be a pretty sight.


    • Annonymous, I think I understand the point you are trying to make…
      .Tracing the source of national moral decline that facilitates todays child sexual abuse is not easily understood by a society that has been slowly groomed itself. By that I mean the nations moral goal post has been moved so far back to become almost non existent and what is now viewed as ‘ normal’ would have created national outcry 50 years ago. People who have a conservative moral view are now condemned as fossils, fundamentalists, religious fanatics and scoffed at , ridiculed and occasionally persecuted for being discerning enough to see where it all would lead in the future….And it has…..
      Sarah Carter of the Family Education Trust told a party of MP’s that consenting sex between 13 year olds is ‘normal’ in Britain… She’s even dumb enough to suggest it should be taught in schools… So irresponsibly stupid is she to publically suggest this to politicians who are also stupid enough not to kick or laugh her out of a job…. Not to mention a green light to every deviant in the country regardless of race and culture.
      This is what ordinary sensible parents are up against when pseudo intellectuals are brain washing our children.
      I think parents of my generation saw it coming and are guilty of not putting up a fight and insisting “Hands off our children and leave us to do our job” Most parents do a better job with there own kids and it’s a fallacy to assume educators and politicians have some extra wisdom than we parents do not have. Parents should let the ‘experts ‘ know this and keep on telling them until they get it…..
      I was disappointed and surprised at so few comments 27 July on Rothpol that parents and victims drawn up a plan to tackle abuse…. They need all the help they can get so if you care get behind them……
      I have adult children ,grandchildren and great grandchildren and wish that I had in the past be more brave and told modern educators who thought they knew better than we did to ‘bug off”.’ We are more than capable of doing our job and leave our children to be children….


    • From the way you put across the points “your politicians” “your police” “your social workers” suggests you do not consider yourself in the same “common rotherham folk ” group …. you come across like you are maybe trying to defend and distance yourself or a particular group from any wrong doing ….which group would that be i wonder ?


      • Dead right “1st Time user”. Such a view is exactly what you’d expect from a defensive minded person suffering the persecution complex typical common to such a poorly integrated minority. Fact is, Muslims can’t integrate and the tribal orientation and cultural differences are a further obstacle. It’s obviously true that our politicians, police and social services are not without fault but much of the fault is to do with a misguided approach on racial tolerance. But the bottom line is that the Pakistani community is at the heart of the CSE scandal and those in denial further insult this country which has given them a standard of living unheard of in Pakistan – their hypocrisy is shameful.


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