Barnardo’s to run new £3m scheme to support abuse victims in Rotherham

Barnardo’s to run new £3m scheme to support abuse victims in Rotherham

More than £3m is to be invested in a new service which will support survivors of child abuse in Rotherham – while aiming to prevent hundreds of other children becoming victims.

Children’s charity Barnardo’s is to spearhead the new service, which is being paid for with £3.1m of partnership funding.

Rotherham child sex abuse: Barnardo’s team gets £3m

A children’s charity has received £3m to fund a team of specialists to tackle child sex abuse in Rotherham.

Barnardo’s said it would hire 15 workers to help victims and those at risk of child sex exploitation (CSE).

It comes after the Jay report found 1,400 children in Rotherham were abused by gangs of men, mainly of Pakistani origin, between 1997 and 2013.

The three-year programme, funded by the government, Rotherham Council and the KPMG Foundation, will start in autumn.

8 thoughts on “Barnardo’s to run new £3m scheme to support abuse victims in Rotherham

  1. We should thank Sarah Champion MP for lobbying number 10 to get a lot of this cash, and for her work with Barnardo’s.



    • The same MP in 2013, wrote a report with Bernardos, but both fail to mention that Pakistani’s were the main culprits in this heinous crimes. When the Chief Exec of this organisation , was challenage on SKY TV, refuse to condemn those same culprits. Remember all the photo ops our Sarah had with, people who have now been charged with these crimes. Only after the election, did she cliam there was a problem with the Pakistani. Wow three million, how far will that really stretch. Let’s get real here!!!


  2. Most of the money as come from the Kpmg foundation Rotherham council auditors so they couldn’t give it direct to RMBC so had to give to Barbados who have not got a great record in cse and no exit strategy for the victims.If they were that good and working throughout the UK why have we still got a massive problem but I suppose they are the professionals and know what they are doing they are not really a charity but a multi national organisation is this jobs for the boys.


    • Precisely, remember were entrusting this work to the same people, who previously carried out an assessment of Rotherham council, in regards to CSE , and apparently not only found nothing wrong with the service, but praise it. It staggers belief, that this same organisation could be trusted again.

      The obvious person to set up this outreach project and run it, would be Jane Senior, who ran Risky Business. Who would have more knowledge and experience of this tragedy than her. Who would the girls really trust more, someone that stood up for them and exposed this scandal or a bunch of Idoits who screw up before. But if she truly wants to maintain her credibility with the victims, she needs to despence with publicity hunting Sarah Champion.


      • I wonder how much will be going to Unity centre run by Jahngir Akhtar son Azeezam Akhtar and Cllr Shaukat Ali Diversity Forum and Mahroof Hussains nephew Mubeen Hussain Muslim Youth.


  3. How long do you think it will take for The Leader and Co, to start taking credit for all the money “they” are spending on CSE in Rotherham. I predict they will “forget” where it came from, and sure as damm, use it in the run up to the next elections next May.


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