BBC World Service Outlook – I Was Groomed by a Paedophile Gang

BBC World Service Outlook – I Was Groomed by a Paedophile Gang

Rotherham is a deprived, industrial town in the north of England, which has been at the centre of a national sex abuse scandal. It’s been revealed that as many as 1400 underage girls may have been groomed and abused by gangs over a period of 16 years. Sarah Wilson was abused from the age of eleven. Now 23, she has written a book about her experiences called Violated.

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5 thoughts on “BBC World Service Outlook – I Was Groomed by a Paedophile Gang

  1. Well , it’s from the BBC, so as I expected, the usual caveat “it’s not about race” has to appear.
    If you want to become an accepted spokesperson , you have to play the multicultural card of course, or you don’t get onto the media or get co-opted into “projects”.
    Well for me , if it quacks like a duck, waddles like a duck, and swims like a duck , then its almost certainly a duck – so IT IS DEFINATELY ABOUT RACE.
    perpetrator profiles :
    Rochdale – Pakistani heritage
    Keighley – Pakistain heritage
    Oxford – Pakistani heritage
    Rotherham- Pakistani heritage
    Tyneside – Pakistani heritage
    Telford – Pakistani heritage
    Bristol – Somali/Pakistani/Afghani heritage
    and there’s just a few, but there will be more.
    Does it seem to be a duck to you ?.
    Actually, maybe it’s not about race, but religion……. just a thought.
    And as for the “Pakistani man who helped her when she was 16 as they lost interest in her because se was ‘too old’ “. Is this Sarah Wilson girl really THAT stupid ? It is called decommissioning, or damage control.
    I notice there is no mention of the murder of her “white slag” ( as she was called by the murderer’s mother) sister , Laura Wilson. Now why is that ?

    These girls are not exactly the sharpest pencil in the box, and easily manipulated, to which this absurd podcast is ample testimony.


    • Some excellent points, especially about the exclusion of the racial element by the BBC. Funny, they can report about tragic events all over the world, yet never smelt a thing in Rotherham. Also like your point about the young lady involve, when she thinks back perhaps she will realise that a good education is more exciting than a few fags, drugs, drink and loads of Pakistani rapeists.


  2. Well done Sarah for speaking out. Its just a pity, that the people “incharge” still insist on sanitizing the truths in order to further coverup the ongoing coverup. So still the greedy “professionals” profit from children accepting abuse as though its some sort of birthright.


  3. I feel your exasperation Paul!
    One aspect that seems to be missed though in trying to nail the ‘race’ issue is the gang/organized aspect of these crimes. It strikes me that it is this MO that virtually proves by force of logic that these crimes have been somehow condoned or at the very least ‘turned a blind eye to’ by the wider Pakistani community. Imagine trying to organise a football team in your local area but you weren’t allowed to post flyers, put up notices etc. you would have to ask around by word of mouth to see who was interested. therefore if 1 in 10 people were interested in football you would have to talk to a lot of people who weren’t to get together a team. now imagine your trying to get a gang of lads together to try and seduce, drug and rape a 12 year old girl. If only a small percentage of the community condone this behaviour HOW ON EARTH DO THEY FIND EACH OTHER!


  4. sorry, hit post too soon. To continue: the reason most white pedophiles operate alone is that if they started asking their mates who fancied collaborating they could expect to have the crap kicked out of them and dumped on the steps of the nearest police station! The internet has changed that somewhat but these are still virtual groups sharing and encouraging each other, not an actual gang located in a small geographical area. This line of reasoning could be expanded but the main point is that the way these groups arise in all the places outlined by Paul Wilson in and of itself pretty much proves a large degree of cultural acceptance of these crimes within these communities.


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