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  1. While encouraging that Rotherham will receive this new money, in its fight againist CSE , the provider of this new service, is one with a track record which doesn’t exactly install hope. If i remember correctly, wasn’t Bernardos advising Rothehram Council before. Professor Jay report, exposed the scandal. In 2013, it wrote a report, with our own Sarah Champion, and somehow manage not to mention anything about CSE in Rotheham, or even who were the major culprits. In 1995, it open an outreach centre in Bradford, where if that town was ever investigated like Rotherham, the figures would be off the scales. Even worse it’s led by a Chief Executive, whose alleged to have a perchant for violence, like our own Akhtar. The similarities, don’t end there, he has never publicly spoken out againist the Pakistani communtiy about this scandal. Somehow I don’t thing this new initiative will be trusted by the victims of CSE .

    Now to Billings, another one who hasn’t spoken out againist the Pakistani community, his own Labour Party, Councillars or MPs, about there role in this scandal. Seems he’s on a publicity stunt, trying to convince everyone, he now understand what CSE is all about and the effects, it has in the victims and families. Doesn’t seem he’s done much, because he pretending that the problem exist only in Rothehram and seems to conviently overlooking other parts of South Yorkshire. Best that can be said about him, we knew he was useless when he was elected, he’s proven us right.


    • Perceptions are everything in this sorry tale, and somehow I don’t think Ian Thomas, when praising the involvement of an organisation with such a lamentable track record like Barnoda’s and also led by a man with a questionable past, such as Javed Khan, truly thought through the implications of this announcement .

      Remember in the Jay & Casey report, the preptrators were Pakistani and violence was used, not only againist the children, but there families. If you were a victim of these crimes, would you trust someone like that? Are we still playing the ethnicity sensitivities game again. A little more thought about the victims, was needed here.


  2. The council has done a good job pulling the funding together has it not? From what I can discern there will be more resources to educate our children out in their communities so that in future they do not fall foul to exploitation at the hands of sexual predators on the street, on line, wherever. This can only be a good thing.


  3. I find some of the comments quite disturbing. What has Javed Khan got to do with the atrocities in our town between 1997 – 2013? As for the organisation in question I’m not sure if there is one with more experience in raising awareness and tackling CSE nationally. As with everything moving forward the proof will be be in the pudding!


    • Because most the so call people in the know and with the so call experience , they are still in denial that there is a problem with the Pakistani community in regards to CSE. If the people running the recovery process, still believe it isn’t has bad as it is, then they are not going do everything to sort it out, including tackerling the very community , which has cause all the problems. Read the 2013 report from Barnado’s, tell me where it says that the grooming abuse is cause mainly by Pakistani’s.


  4. Well this is interesting as he wasn’t even the chief executive then! Also we shouldn’t compare that piece of work with the detailed (and excellent) reviews undertaken by Jay and Casey over a number of months. Barnardo’s much shorter review found that ‘improving work between youth services and police should be expanded to include links with faith groups, migrant communities and local businesses. It also mentions hotels and bed and breakfast accommodation; housing and social landlords; taxis and public transport; takeaways and food outlets, shopping centres and public spaces, pubs and clubs’. I’d say they were pretty much on the money. As the article says above we shouldn’t be pinning our hopes on one single project. The council, schools, police, health and us, yes us in our communities, all have to do our bit to ensure our children are protected from peodophiles whatever their ethnicity, culture, whatever. Given the recent successes of SYP in making charges stick through op Clover I see no evidence of the authorities shying away from the issue.


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