What Role For £700-a-day Commissioner?

What Role For £700-a-day Commissioner?

Posted 10/08/2015

It was never going to be easy for the Government-appointed commissioners who were sent in to put Rotherham MBC back on track after numerous investigations found it a council wandering round like a headless chicken. There were always going to be questions asked about how democratic it was to have non-elected people running a local authority and what these people could bring to Rotherham MBC that would see it turned round and once again operating for the benefit of the town.


A correspondent thought other readers might be interested in reading the Interests declaration of Commissioner Kenny, click link below.


3 thoughts on “What Role For £700-a-day Commissioner?

  1. Surely Julie Kenny as a conflict of interests, hers and her husbands self interest in money. Does not appear to be interested in the people of Rotherham only their bank accounts


  2. It’s funny, but I believe and feel that there has been a far better democratic process in Rotherham since the commissioners took charge. There certainly wasn’t any before under the dictators Stone, Smith and Co! Those thick pillocks couldn’t even spell it let alone put it into practice.


  3. It cannot be correct that a commissioner with so many interests cannot have a conflict of interests somewhere along the line knowing council business as they are supposed to do, as for democracy this is NO better i have watched a council meeting online and the labour arrogance still shows. Why can’t they work with the opposition if the opposition have a better idea and the strings on the deputy leader who is still in denial over the Jay report showed when every time chris read said something he stood up and seconded anything chris read said wether it was for our good or not.
    The commissioners need to be stricter in there duties or they are going to be here for a while


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