Justice Delayed?

Judge’s EU concern after 13-month delay in sentencing Rotherham child abuse brothers

Two Slovakian brothers convicted of sickening sexual attacks on young children in Rotherham were sentenced more than a year after their trial due to difficulties in finding out their previous offences.

Eduard and Ludovit Peticky were finally sentenced at Sheffield Crown Court yesterday after being found guilty of a string of sexual offences by a jury in July 2014.


Psychopathic Slovakian rapist who abused children in Rotherham was allowed into UK despite being ‘dangerous repeat offender’

A psychopathic Slovakian rapist allowed into the UK has been jailed for life after abusing children as young as three in Rotherham.

Eduard Peticky travelled to England in 2008 for a ‘better life’ and was allowed in despite convictions for rape, sexual abuse and robbery.


Previously: Life sentence for ‘horrific’ Rotherham child abuser

2 thoughts on “Justice Delayed?

  1. Steve Moxon and the famous one legged Romanian roofer come to mind

    “Steve Moxon, an immigration official from Sheffield who was suspended for “whistleblowing”, said last night that he had suspected that Mr Blair had ordered officials to approve entry applications from EU associate countries, including Romania and Bulgaria, without proper checks in order to fiddle the immigration figures.

    Mr Moxon said it was a ploy to avoid being embarrassed when it was found that the Government had badly underestimated the numbers of immigrants from May 1 when 10 eastern European countries join the EU.”



    • The legacy of the Blair/Brown project of New Labour is one of spin, no substance, economic incompetence, and Damn right lies. Only now is their disasterious polices now coming through. Rotherham springs to mind. But at least our Tony is raking the millions in. No wonder the Labour Party wants an totally unelectable socialists. M


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