Labour in meltdown over new leader election

Anyone who thought there was peace and tranquility in the Labour Party would be mistaken.

Locally Rotherham Labour Group, the source of all power in Rotherham, is riven with factionalism, and the gulf between the activists and the parliamentary party, never bigger. Nor has it been weaker locally, facing the need for candidates for next years ‘all out’ elections, it’s internal selection and due-diligence processes, will be tested to the limit, as we will be able to observe in time.

The party nationally, preoccupied with the leadership as it is, has been exposed as a quarreling  bunch, riven by factionalism and the current leadership look more like ‘rabbits in the headlights’, unable to accept the results of the democratic process, they themselves approved of earlier, until that is, it looks like producing the wrong winner? That’s democracy for you, get over it!

The ghosts of labour’s past, are all over the press attacking the person of Jeremy Corbyn today, in a move likely to prove counter productive. Tony Blair himself has been the most active in this respect as can be seen from a selection below.

Tony Blair: Even if you hate me, please don’t take Labour over the cliff edge

Yvette has a go at Corbyn too, in the Telegraph:

Labour will be ‘pulled apart’ under Corbyn, Yvette Cooper warns


9 thoughts on “Labour in meltdown over new leader election

  1. and …
    Jewish Chronicle accuses Corbyn of associating with Holocaust deniers

    James Bloodworth has a comment piece in the Guardian:
    Why is no one asking about Jeremy Corbyn’s worrying connections?
    (James Bloodworth is the editor of Left Foot Forward. He also contributes to the Independent).


    • What John Mann has to say on the subject of PIE/Islington children’s homes also requires a full answer from Corbyn

      “My concern is about your politics and how that results in actions, or in this case non-actions. As we have seen with the appalling misjudgements of the NCCL and its allowance of membership to the Paedophile Information Exchange in the 1970s, sections of the left were in denial of the motivations of some campaigners and this unwillingness to face up to unpalatable possibilities clouded judgement over the most serious of allegations.

      In fact the allegations were true and are true as survivors increasingly choose to speak out. The establishment and sections of the left stood by and allowed children’s lives to be destroyed.”


  2. Locally, nulabor’s version of democracy is to rig every stage of the process in favour of the pre-selected result, and, where the result is not what thy thought they had fixed, then ignore the result and announce their desired result anyway, even if the votes themselves have to be rigged.
    This is strongly suspected to have occurred in local Rotherham elections against an independent candidate, and was certainly prevalent this side of the M1, where candidate selection and rigging is common. This does not apply to the genuine and sincere Labour Party supporters, but to an elite and corrupt cadre at the head of local nulabor.


  3. Blair and his acylite talking to the torygraph and sucking up to murdoch rags as well.

    its cooper who is clinging on to the past. The rejected ruins of right wing tory new labour. Thats been rejectedby voters and totally demolished in scotland as a resultof being run like a branch office with the smug murphy in charge.

    Cooper and the rest show their contempt of the members by personal attacksCorbyn and the members whilst failing to answer questions over their own failed tory lite policies

    its time that they slung their hook and joined the real bluecoats as turncoats.


    • Cooper represents the past, not the future, and her staunchest supporter Healey too. His deselection is looking ever more likely?


  4. Corbyn they say history repeats it’s self well if this guy wins it certainly will
    I can remember in the late seventies visiting The triumph factory in Speke Liverpool
    And was told I could not enter the plant I had To go to a pub down the road and meet three union officials before i could enter the plant also Gaydon,Ryton, to name a few
    Where are they now ??? Long gone
    And so will the Labour Party so let’s all vote for Corbyn


    • All parties go through change, sometimes for the good, sometimes, things get worse. Even though you may not agree with Corbyn politics, he’s getting a lot of attention and surpport. Why have the other three, not engaged the party faithful, well because when you look and listen to them, they sound like robots, Pre program to sing the same tale.

      They actually believe that Blair, achieve things, well they didn’t it was all a facade. What New Labour stood for was a con, didn’t give a damn about the working people, just themselves. They were Tories in disguise. Protect big business and even help it when they screw up, billions for the banks and their rich shareholders. suck up to it and allow all these immigrants in, cheap labour for there new friends. Create a war, so your arms industry can sell more arms to this country And others. Remember how many of these new labour types, have secure for themselves lucrative lifestyles, after politics. Yeah they really cared for the working man, scumbags.


  5. You may not agree with everything Corbyn stands for but that’s politics. He represents something different and actually will help Labour stand apart from the rest. We need to ask the question, why did the people of Scotland reject seperatism and then vote in the SNP overwhelmingly in the GE? Because it was the left wing, populist stance that appealed. England, with no similar choice opted for the devil they knew, a blue right wing alternative rather than a pink one. Greece, Spain and Italy, given the choice have done the same as Scotland. Given the choice, the people of the EU will follow suit and real change may be possible. A lot of what Corbyn says is disagreeable to me but his Labour party would be one I could belong to. The fact that the right wing press and Tories are already sharpening their knives to get at him says it all.


  6. Actually more UKIP voters who defected from Labour, are more likely to return if Corbyn wins.
    Not heard of local CLP votes on this, or where most of our Labour councillors stand. I doubt if any of our 3 MPs will be supporting J Corbyn. No Corbyn rally in Rotherham? . I’m sure it would be full.


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