Care home boss stole £42,000 from elderly residents

Care home boss stole £42,000 from elderly residents

Lynne Thompson, from Sheffield, was said to be addicted to buying goods with stolen money and spent thousands on clothes and gifts.

Aaaaaasaggghhhhhh – yet another Rotherham Care Home in the dailies!!!!

Cllr John Doyle, ex. Cabinet Lead for Adult Services went to print in January saying ‘ there were no problems in Rotherham’s Care Homes!’

Thankfully, following Casey he was got rid of!

Most of us are acutely aware if just exactly what a terrible entitlement our loved ones have and continue to experience.

In RMBC’s case they think the statutory responsibility for Safeguarding is somebody else’s responsibility, not theirs. Unbelievable!

See also:

CQC has decreed it’s good, whilst the manager helped herself to £42K! Sounds like CQC’s usual crap.

I am grateful to the supplier of these links and most of the words, no publicity box ticked.

See also: Ex Files – John Doyle

9 thoughts on “Care home boss stole £42,000 from elderly residents

  1. Arghhhhhhhhh… Rotherham needs to get adult social care sorted. So much in the press , yet when whistle blowers speak up they get persecuted.


    • To Janet Green
      The vast majority of care homes ARE in the private sector as councils no longer have the infrastructure of provision but RMBC like all councils has the Statutory responsibility for Safeguarding and that’s the rub. They do not have their eye or fingers on the ball (sounds familiar). Monitoring is largely piecemeal, ‘thin’ and relegated to the Contracts Team of the council. Just hope you never need a care home for a loved one or yourself.


      • But, it is precisely because I have recently had to arrange care for a relative that I do care about getting the facts right and being clear about responsibilities and accountibilities.

        The responsibility for ensuring the standard of care is the registered owner, through the appointed manager. Everyone else – relatives, friends, regulators, CQC etc – has a responsibility to be alert and to take any appropriate action, some reinforced by statute.

        But your model is analogous to blaming the police because they hadn’t stopped a burglar from breaking in to your house.


  2. That is what happens when services are outsourced to private enterprise. Councils loose control but still get the blame when things go wrong. As for the CQC most were failures at their jobs. That is why they became inspectors.


  3. The Majority of Care homes have been PRIVATISED by Rotherham LABOUR –
    they work “collude” with private enterprise with land/building and keeping the homes full of people – many of whom Do NOT want to be there!


  4. Keep hearing this mantra that the private sector can do a better job than the council, market forces will deliver good value for money , never works though.


  5. If I remember right, there are over 11,000 Nursing/Residential Homes in the UK. Nearly all of them are doing a good job of looking after our Elderly people. They do this at a lower cost to the Tax payer compared with the cost of Council run homes. They also do it with less staff, again as opposed to Council run homes.
    The only ones we the general public hear about, are the Bad ones.
    Sad to say, but we do seem to have our fair share of under performing Homes in this area. Funny I don’t remember hearing of any of our Council run homes, after inspection, being put into special measures or closed down.


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