Is Rotherham Council still destroying evidence?

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Is Rotherham Council still destroying evidence?

In the aftermath of the Jay report it emerged that not only had RMBC managers paid men that they had been informed were rapists to transport vulnerable girls in council care but that the rapists were even sometimes paid for transporting their victims to or from gang rape assignations.

Sometimes this occurred because the victim would ring council staff to report their whereabouts and the staff would authorise them to hire a taxi to bring them home. However an allegation has also been made that certain drivers were supplied with a secret password that guaranteed no questions asked payment for journey invoices. One of my sources has suggested that this password was supplied by a senior councillor and that it was used to secure reimbursement for long distance journeys to other part of the UK, transporting not only child trafficking victims but also shipments of drugs.

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10 thoughts on “Is Rotherham Council still destroying evidence?

  1. The old Alma Road school, a substantial building, which was owned by RCAT and was used by them for arts and craft classes suddenly became a Madrassa and Muslim centre. A FOI request was made as to whe n did RCAT sell the property , who did they sell it to and what price did they receive? They supplied information on when and to whom they had sold it but could not give the amount received as that information had been destroyed! Believe that if you will!


  2. Which building are we talking about – the one on the corner of Alma Road and Matkiln Street. Or is it the one that is only fronting onto Matkiln Street?

    The chances are that the sale price will be recorded at the Land Registry.

    As for record of the sale price, there is no way that such information will be destroyed – it’s on the soddin deeds for God’s sake!!!!


  3. The building is the largest one that fronts on to Maltkin Street. As for the price paid RCAT stated they could not provide this as that record had been destroyed. I’m not au fait with the documentation regarding property sales, but that’s what they said.


  4. If this allegation is to beproven why are the council still in denial as they surely still are, what happened to the laptops that went missing will we ever get to know that. Is chris read as leader going to front up and tell us how councillors who were on the seminar in 2005 and councillors who are still on the council and knew what was going on are to be dealt with, if the allegations in this article prove to be correct will we ever have a council that will be fit for purpose


  5. I wonder how long it will be before CSE leads onto financial corruption and another huge investigation starts into fraud and misuse of public funds?


  6. I’d be interested to know when the Alma Road building was sold. From the destruction of 2007 records revealed by my FOI I’d infer a five year rule regarding disposal but given this is Rotherham it could be even less. I will submit an FOI but one normally has to extract the answers from RMBC kicking and screaming long after the legal deadline has passed. It’s seems very convenient that a council so mired in scandal just happens to have a financial records policy that impedes investigation of their dealings.


    • Sorry for the late post, but it took some time to find RCAT’s correspondence. They say Alma Road school was sold in 2002, though they do not give the price paid, they say records are destroyed after nine years They merely say Oxley & Coward handled the sale!


      • Thank you. It’s less than nine years now (as they say 2007 record are gone). I even heard it has been reduced to three! Though I am using Foi to find out. This is a big issue as the web of corruption enabled the cover up of the rape gangs. We need to get the council to stop destroying the evidence.


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