Will no one put an end to a family’s torment?

There appears to have been little action on the part of the authorities to the continued, racially motivated crimes, that resulted in our victim being allegedly assaulted, by Ian MacAllister, resulting in a hospital visit.



The top picture seems to show Ian McAllister demonstrating to Barry Dodson how well his hand is, after allegedly assaulting our victim after smashing his car window with his fist!

The second shows verbal racial abuse being shouted out at our victim, those depicted left to right, are Barry Dodson the Ex-Mayor, his wife the Ex-Mayoress and Ian McAllister’s partner.

The third shows Mrs Dodson the Ex-Mayoress proving she should never have been Mayoress!

The stills just don’t do these scenes justice, will bring you video clips as soon as I am able.

No one should have to endure the attention of these racists. Those in authority must act to protect the family. This long suffering family have been subjected to numerous racially aggravated, physical assaults, criminal damage and daily torrents of abuse and they are entitled to protection by the police and the council, why are they not getting it?

Is someone protecting these racist thugs and bullies? We should be told!

See also: https://rotherhampolitics.wordpress.com/the-rotherham-ex-files/the-ex-mayor-barry-dodson/

Time for some help from readers:

Be grateful for further information on matters that have been referred to on this post. Under private cover perhaps, rather than as comments please. Email Rik in absolute confidence, attaching any documents or evidence you may have?

71 thoughts on “Will no one put an end to a family’s torment?

  1. What a coincidence barry comes out and it all kicks off. Cover up time is over I think. Community first funding from council went to this club who was the chair on the panel barry dodson?????
    Racism in East Dene. Rotherham seems to be on last legs.


  2. Dodson must be deluded if he thinks anyone wants him on the scene, his 5 minutes of fame ended when he resigned just after 3weeks. Mayoress needs to brush up on her skills, very classy. Seems like she’s doing a cracking job at saving her husband reputation……what reputation?


  3. Stomach tuning news….how such like individuals continue to receive no repercussions.
    Is that a child I see nearby the Ex-Mayoress??? Great example of a inappropriate person having a title in the public eye! Another glorious mistake by the council again… How many more lifes are going to be destroyed by racism???? And council corruption…get your tenants and friends out simple!!!


  4. & it’s lovely to see our Ex-Mayoress giving language lessons to the young children of Rotherham. Maybe that’s a inclusive of the karate classes for their under 8s!


  5. where is the leadership from the imposed commissioners?
    don’t they care about the people, or the town?
    not a single lesson has been learned


  6. Someone looks like they have anger management issues… I don’t think such like individuals should be allowed to be near children. Let alone be teaching them!! Tell me the council are going to act in the children’s best interest rather than they’re own!!


  7. My heart goes out to the family living across the so called ‘gym’, it seems like the family are held hostage in there own home. It’s really unfortunate that such a respectable family are enduring racist abuse on a daily basis within our harmonious community. I would personally suggest the family move to a more affluant area to avoid such aggravation. Seems unfair but you are fighting a losing battle against uneducated and less fortunate retards who use the ‘gym’ with no particular aspirations in life apart from causing nuisance to society.

    This mob run by Mr Dobson reflects his true character and his other half seems to have really proved how much of a lady she is…


  8. This is unacceptable behaviour from public figures who speak of our community as one n yet this group of people r shouting racial abuse while intimidating behaviour makes local people feel controlled n scared to come out of their houses n even their children to walk to school .these people intimidate us attack us n incite violence. Making us feel like leaving the community we grew up in. We r sending this message to appeal to others in community to help n the police to prosecute!!!


  9. Is this a racist matter OR is it just the way that our local Labour politicians have behaved for the last few decades. I see no difference between Dodsons’ behaviour now and that of Stone, Smith, Wright and the rest in the past! They were and still are a bus load of bullies.
    Is it coincidental that the victims of this piece of scum and his family and friends happen to be Asian?


    • With respect to the alleged connection between controlling politicians and a mafia-style of governance, it is exactly the same this side of the M1, with politicians actively involved with and condoning inappropriate behaviour against citizens arbitrarily deemed to be a potential threat, and also inciting, supporting, defending and rewarding those who lie, cheat and abuse targeted citizens on their behalf, whilst ever it suits their personal or political agenda. Racism. misogyny, discrimination, bullying, unlawful imposition of sanction and prejudice, libelous publicity – and many other tactics, are all part of the standard tool-box of some established local politicians. Local, regional and national politics and democracy is irreversibly broken.


  10. Does this club need a licence from the council to operate if so I will be asking questions of the licensing board to investigate this with a view to revoking it if that’s the case.

    Does any one know if this gas been reported to the police?


  11. I know these McAllister’s they are fraudsters with the councillor Dobson rinsing the councils money in this karate club front.Helen McAllister’s partner Kathryn works for the job centre and fiddles for Marie downs Ian McAllister’s partner as she is on disability living allowance and allegedly seen jogging.

    Ian McAllister has always been a thug I remember when he use to take the karate students with him and go assault people on the street with baseball bats he has also assaulted two instructor’s in the karate club once with some weights !!


  12. Councillor Dodson a number of times got funding for this place always on different names he us to organise trips to Scotland then there was a big arguments with one of the instructors Over money Ian said f*£k the council I will keep the money Ian McAllister also has a nice place abroad !!! Him and councillor Dodson have done well. As councillor Barry still has some big contacts in the council to cover it all like Steve Parrey in RMBC the some loyal police officers.



    • Their domiciliary arrangements, seem to tell a different story:
      40 Cranworth Road, living at this address are; Barry Dodson, Julie Dodson, Michael Dodson, Sarah Dodson and Andrew Grundy.
      65 Far Lane, living at this address are; Christina Dodson and Peter Tinker.
      From whom were these properties purchased? How much was paid and when?


  13. I think it’s time the Police started to investigate finance in RMBC linked to charities, councillors, their families and associates.


  14. I here two of the victims within all this got attacked again on the 25th by another one of the karate clubs friends, there were several ambulances on the scene again. Two Racist attacks in two weeks the streets were all blocked with 4 police cars. Its possibly the most visited street by the police in east dene since the east dene riots.


    Steve Parry needs to stop scratching his goatee and do something the police are very limited to resources as it is.


  15. Over 400 incidents in two years brilliant, the council are digging they’re own grave.How many more hate crime murders will take place in East Dene. RIP Mushin Ahmed


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