Only a ‘small fraction’ of Rotherham CSE victims has come forward for help

Only a ‘small fraction’ of Rotherham CSE victims has come forward for help, says lawyer

Only a small fraction of more than 1,400 victims who were sexually exploited as children in Rotherham over a 16-year period have come forward for help, according to a lawyer representing survivors.

A year after the publication of the Jay Report, which produced the shocking estimate that more than 1,400 children had been raped, trafficked, groomed and violently attacked in the South Yorkshire town, David Greenwood said he believes fewer than 100 of the girls involved have engaged with the raft of new inquiries.

Mr Greenwood, who represents 58 girls who were subjected to sexual abuse by gangs of men in Rotherham between 1996 and 2012, says the much-criticised police and council have made progress in the town in the last 12 months.

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Rotherham abuse: ‘Fraction’ of victims have sought help

A fraction of the hundreds of victims of child sexual exploitation in Rotherham have sought help, according to a lawyer for some of the survivors.

David Greenwood said fewer than 100 of the estimated 1,400 victims identified in the Jay Report have taken part in a raft of new enquiries.

He believes “radical change” is needed for more victims to come forward.

Are you a victim or a victim’s parent who would like to contact David? They are close at hand, ring 01709 890400 and you will be sure of a sympathetic and an understanding reception, please contact them. If you prefer email,

We can’t feel proud to live here

I DRAW the attention of Rotherham residents, every RMBC councillor of whatever political party and every RMBC leader and senior manager to the following two documents that are in the public domain — section four of the RMBC draft Annual Governance Statement (AGS) for 2014/15 and RMBC’s summary of councillor allowances and expenses also for 2014/15. Both documents are available on RMBC website.

4 thoughts on “Only a ‘small fraction’ of Rotherham CSE victims has come forward for help

  1. I would just like to set the record straight that I as a councillor have spoken out and said what most people are thinking and it looks like I will pay the price by loosing everything I have worked for but I don’t regret what I have done and hope that every one in power during the time of CSE in Rotherham is put under scrutiny and explain what they did or what they didn’t do or why they didn’t
    I was elected to represent the people that I believe I am doing
    So please don’t tar me with the same brush as Labour Councillors who knew and kept quiet and still are and being rewarded for it by given higher paid rolls in the council
    And as opposition Councillors we are still not on any desician making panels
    But we do question and do challenge that’s something new in Rotherham Council
    And as far as working together The Labour Leader made that quite clear at a public meeting when asked that very question he replied that will not happen that’s our politics


  2. I am not surprised at the small number of people reporting these heinous crimes. It will only improve when these poor victims see all the people in power punished and hopefully jailed. Would you report anything to the police and council as they were the very reason we are in the mire we are? The slow pace any action is being taken smells of cover ups in dark rooms.


  3. Chose what they do or try to do to me for speaking out for the people who voted for me and the victims off this crime I will not be silenced if they have nothing to hide then why try to silence people. Just put them selves up for scrutiny of the people they represent
    I am more than happy to justify my actions to the electorate that’s why I put my self up for election and take the tax payers shilling


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