Investigators working to identify 100 officers in Rotherham sex abuse scandal

Investigators working to identify 100 officers in Rotherham sex abuse scandal

Investigators looking at how the police treated complaints of child sexual exploitation in Rotherham say they are now working to identify scores of officers.

The Independent Police Complaints Commission said it had received 47 referrals from South Yorkshire Police, involving more than 100 allegations.

VIDEO: Rotherham police chief explains why no staff disciplined for abuse scandal

South Yorkshire Police’s district commander for Rotherham Jason Harwin has explained why the force has not opted to internally discipline its staff over the Rotherham child sex exploitation scandal.

In an interview with The Star, Chief Superintendent Harwin said that the force is leaving the matter to the Independent Police Complaints Commission, which is investigating at least 42 officers who were allegedly involved in letting down victims of the abuse scandal in Rotherham.

VIDEO: ‘No pressure’ to find improvements in Rotherham police, says PCC

OPINION: Today is Rotherham’s ground zero – now the real work begins

2 thoughts on “Investigators working to identify 100 officers in Rotherham sex abuse scandal

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  2. Its mainly to do with pc Aref gulam originated from sherwood crescent same as Saj Bostan. Friends with Maroof sn Aktar. Sajad Ayub Hussain owned martini taxis his brotger Shakoor works in social service their sister high up in council. Pc gulam and sajad hussain aka lanky saj raped and drugged undrage girls at martini taxis. These men paved the way for their relatives basharath banarus an arshad hussain. Pc gulam covered up with his influence inside the police force. You only have to see all these men sat in restaurants together to underst and the kinks and corruption


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