Jahangir Akhtar: kingpin who ‘had influence over police’

This little gem from the Andrew Norfolk Archive, points the way to the ‘nub of the issue’.

Readers may also wish to read this for some more background:


Organised Crime, Azad Kashmir* & Child Sexual Exploitation







Another little gem from the Andrew Norfolk Archive posted below:




14 thoughts on “Jahangir Akhtar: kingpin who ‘had influence over police’

  1. Bring him down, he’s a criminal! The days of the mirpuri mafia are over! Just a shame it’s taken this long to figure these idiots out.


  2. ‘MIRPURIS RULE’ I do not agree with this statement. I think it the the ‘criminals rule’ these are bunch of criminals who together with weakness/criminal elements in the police force and the council got to gether to influence decisions to favour them and their cronies and supporters. The mastermind behind it is Lord Nazir Ahmed. Hence Akhtar and Moofie on many occasions stated that He is their ROLE model. Yes they are MIRPURIS. I am also from Mirpur and known hundreds of MIRPURIS who hate them


  3. Now Moofy has gone and Shaukat is neutralised, Akhtar thinks he be top dog, with his extra members recently joined for the purposes of control in East ward. We don’t want him and soon he will feel the effect of that and it will be unpleasant.


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