Jeremy Corbyn wows the crowds

VIDEO: Labour leader favourite Jeremy Corbyn receives several standing ovations in Sheffield

Jeremy Corbyn has urged Sheffield City Council to ‘band together’ with other local authorities to prevent more cuts to local services.

Mr Corbyn, who is the favourite to become the new leader of the Labour Party, addressed more than 1,000 people during a political rally in Sheffield city centre on Saturday.

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5 thoughts on “Jeremy Corbyn wows the crowds

  1. “He said: “There is a serious level of harassment of women on public transport. A suggestion – it’s not a proposal, it’s open there for discussion – was in some countries, Mexico for example, they do have women-only carriages on the metro and the buses. It doesn’t mean women can’t join the rest of the train, they can.”

    I’ve not seen him venture an opinion on Rotherham or indeed the Rotherham model of CSE which of course is now sadly very widespread in many towns and cities across the country

    Are we really now descending to the level of Mexico or indeed India or Egypt where they also make these arrangements?


  2. Despite Blairite liverpool mayor anderson going for burnham. Most of its Cllrs and people have not as he is like a jelly fish with no backbone and no convictions.

    Rotherham Cllrs are pretty quiet over coming out. Perhaps waiting to see who wins?

    Scab Barron is going with kendall and healy for his pal Cooper.


  3. Who does he think he is Father Christmas. I do believe in a fairer society, starting with a £10 minimum wage, however if you want something in life, you have to put some effort in to gain reward, you can’t expect something for nothing. Globalisation has gone too far and we now need to start looking at the ground beneath our feet.


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