Don’t Open the Champagne Yet!

A thought provoking piece from Giles:

The mouthpiece of Rotherham’s establishment “The Rotherham Advertiser” adopted a distinctly upbeat tone on the anniversary of the Jay report. Certainly the authorities let down victims in the past but now at least everybody is on board with the struggle to secure justice.

That was the line taken, amongst others by Chief Superintendent Jason Harwin in an article entitled “Committed to improve but journey’s not over” He glosses over past police delinquency, making no mention of the fact that the IPCC is seeking to establish the identities of 100 officers accused of complicity in Child Sexual Exploitation, over and above the 60 already identified.

That’s a lot of rotten apples, even allowing that some of the unidentified officers may turn out to be identical with some already identified. Nor does he seek to explain how he came to state in 2012, after the Times had begun exposing the extent of the problem, that the true total of gang rape victims ran not into hundreds but into low double figures ie 20 or thereabouts.

That was an astonishing error, if it was indeed an error but not as astonishing as the allegations against his officers, of bullying and intimidation of victims and whistleblowers, destruction of evidence, handing victims back to abusers, arresting victims and their parents, receipt of bribes from the rape gangs and much more.

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4 thoughts on “Don’t Open the Champagne Yet!

  1. The establishment are clinging together for grim death, knowing once one of them peels away the nest of vipers will consume them. Keep a firm grip chaps.


  2. On Wednesday Sheffield City Council ignored this queston:
    3 From the Government Response to the 9th Report of the Communities and Local Government Select Committee 2014/15:-
    3.1 The RMBC ruling party and administration were determined as having an ingrained culture of bullying, intimidation and denial.
    How is the SCC ruling party any different?

    The silence was deafening !


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