Andrew Norfolk – Bad parenting made girls easy prey for sex gangs



13 thoughts on “Andrew Norfolk – Bad parenting made girls easy prey for sex gangs

  1. Totally agree with him, I don’t believe the council and police are the only ones responsible for turning a blind eye to it. Yes we know some fathers out there did there best and were arrested by the police for doing so, but I believe this to be a minority rather than a majority.


    • Decent parents have had their daughters raped and prostituted. There is an element of parenting failure in the minds those who are lucky enough to think their children could not fall prey to this criminal activity. To suggest it though illustrates the conflicted liberal view of these children and their predicament. White girls raped by minority ethnic men forces propositions like this by conflicted liberals like Mr Norfolk that that they have indulge the thought that the girls and the parents – working class white English predominantly have to be included in the blame to shift the focus from the failures of their political beliefs.

      The authorities are not to blame for the crimes but for their wilful ignorance of them.

      Above the entrance to The Old Bailey carved in stone is the injunction from psalm 72 to remind those who pass through of their duty:



  2. “The judge condemned the men’s “grotesque” exploitation of the vulnerable girl, but said that such criminals perhaps targeted white girls because of the opportunity presented by “inadequate parenting leading to rebellious children”.”

    This may be factor but the judge is apparently ill-informed as to the very cunning and evil modus operandi of these predominantly Pakistani gangs. They “invest” a lot of time and money drawing the girls into their web.

    “Vicious pattern
    On-street grooming follows a pattern. Girls aged between 11 and 14 are most vulnerable and are often targeted by someone close to their own age, sometimes a younger brother or friend of the older men.

    The location is usually innocuous – school gates, shopping centers, arcades. It can start with a car pulling up, young guys with charm and good looks engaging a girl in banter. Then cell phone numbers are exchanged and a friendship begins.

    The men then work for several months to make the girls believe the friendship is genuine, the relationship meaningful.”

    Bevan commented

    “If they had pursued Asian under-age girls, they would have paid a heavy price in their community,” he added.”

    This is somewhat dubious and certainly simplistic

    “A teenage girl was groomed and raped by up to 30 men during an horrific attack in Birmingham, the author of a bombshell report has claimed.

    And a father and schoolboy son were said to be among the depraved group who took part in the six-hour abuse of the Asian youngster. Others were said to include taxi drivers.

    Shaista Gohir, MBE, made the claims after delivering a shocking report called Unheard Voices to city councillors.”

    The trouble with Bevan’s comments is that they feed into politically correct preconceptions so that the victims and their families become almost dehumanised and in fact “the wrong kind of victims”

    “The problem with child abuse, for someone like Corbyn, is that it dosen’t slot neatly into a hard left paradigm. The various child abuse scandals raise some uncomfortable issues for the left.

    One is whether some left-wing politicians and local authorities put identity politics – gay rights, multiculturalism – above the protection of children; evidence from Islington in the 1980s to the recent child exploitation scandals in Rochdale and Rotherham suggests pretty conclusively that they did.

    Another is the failure of left-wing councils and trade unions to support whistleblowers in scandals involving the public sector – something shockingly evident in Islington, and later in Rochdale and Rotherham, where the sexual health workers and youth workers who tried to expose what was going on were ignored, derided and bullied into silence. Honest politicians on the left will acknowledge and face up to these issues, and think about how we can do things differently in the future; not ignore them.”

    We have seen so many times how this politically correct permafrost paralysed management in social work and the police. The effects on the ground have been utterly pernicious. Julie Bindel in her Rotherham article published 5 years ago described how mothers warned their daughters not to associate with older Pakistani males only for the groomers to tell the girls that the reason for the parental warnings was racism. Thus the defences were disabled. Whose fault was that? Certainly not the much maligned working class parents. I recall one report of an instance where a father locked his daughter in her bedroom, only to be informed by plod that he could be arrested for false imprisonment. What in god’s name were parents supposed to do? If anyone had taken the “law” into their own hands and tried to exact a “heavy price” on groomer/rapists the squawks and squeals of vigilantism would have been deafening.

    Maybe the judge has been selectively quoted in his comments reported in the article, but they would appear to be simplistic and to betray a lack of knowledge on the subject in the round; and as such – unhelpful.

    “Oliver Saxby, QC, for the prosecution, said the victims’ concept of right and wrong became completely distorted under the men’s influence.”

    He seems to have got that the wrong way round


  3. Once again the message on no tolerance to this behaviour, has been diluted by an absence minded idiot, closeted in his own little world. If he had read the Jay and Casey reports, he would’ve been aware of the depths of manlipuation, these vile creatures, employ to entrap these children. Putting aside the facts that these children may have come from broken homes and let’s be frank here, not all parents are brilliant, some of us included. But we do are best.

    What he has totally disregarded, was the fact that the majority of adults, wouldn’t have engaged in such dispictable behaviour, as we view. children under 16 as untouchable , even the law says that. These Pakistani (Muslim) , through their arrogance and misguided beliefs, don’t. He would’ve further the cause of tackerling these scrum, if he had the courage to tell it as it is and condemn this thinking.

    I hope no one in his family, ever goes through what one of these girls have, then he will realise what a PC clown he is.


  4. I think Parsonage is right. We know for certain, as even Tim concedes, that there were good parents who did everything they could. Who knows if they were a majority or minority? Boys as young as 11 were used as honey traps. There were even girls snatched from the street. How is that the parent’s fault? Should they have resorted to vigilantism? Or told them “don’t talk even to 11 year old boys if they are Asian”? Or “never talk to any male!” (though there were female recruiters too). Dont fool yourself! This could be your daughter. The judge seems to ignore two points. 1 the victims aren’t always white. 2 racial hatred is an obvious alternative explanation where white girls were targeted. A survivor of the Oxford gangs who was forced to recruit was told to choose only white girls. Many survivors have testified to the racial hatred displayed by their abusers. That’s nothing to do with parenting and if it was a white gang targeting non whites I doubt the judge would be blaming the parents. He’d be asking why these offences weren’t charged as hate crimes.
    Still, kudos to the judge for not giving them the usual slap of the wrist. An FOI a few years back showed 1 in 8 men over the age of 21 convicted of raping girls under 13 got no jail time whatsoever.


  5. “Many survivors have testified to the racial hatred displayed by their abusers”

    That’s very true

    Amongst charming racial insults directed at the victims we find

    “white bitch, white whore, white slag, white slut, kaffir bitch”

    Which leaves me wondering why none of these appalling crimes has ever been prosecuted on the basis of a racially aggravated hate crime

    From the link above

    “Honest politicians on the left will acknowledge and face up to these issues, and think about how we can do things differently in the future; not ignore them.”

    Come out, come out, wherever you are

    Otherwise the conclusion might be that you don’t exist

    Had there ever been a greater, more contemptible, betrayal?


    • Another question you should be asking yourself is why the Equality Commission, formally the Racial Comission, has been silent on this matter. As you have previously eluded to in your comments above, racially offensive words were used to describe their victims. Are we to assume that racial hatred can only be committed againist non White’s!!


    • “Has the ever been a greater, more contemptible betrayal?”. One might say “Munich”, but in 1938 our elite was able to make the excuse that we sold out Czechosovakia because it was “a faraway country … of which we know little”. They have no such excuse this time.


  6. It is far too simplistic to point the finger at parents this then lets failing authorities off the hook, these girls, as were a lot of them in Rotherham, were in the care of the council. Read Sarah Wilson’s book, even when she was taken into care, and this was not because her mother was a bad parent; the men were coming to the home and taking her away. She was missing for days the staff did nothing the social workers did nothing; these along with the councillors who helped to cover it up are to blame. Of course there were girls from dysfunctional families that were preyed on but also the perpetrators created the conditions that made ordinary families dysfunctional; they had the children believe their parents did not care for them and that they were the only ones who did. We should not take the easy option to hide behind the façade of the parents are to blame; all this does is allow the people who should have taken responsibility to be able to sit back; as has happened in Rotherham; and take no blame.
    Dave Smith


  7. We have a woman who works with survivors of CSE in Rotherham coming to speak at our council meeting on Monday 14th September 7pm at the Lyric. We told at one point that Dinnington was a hot spot but suddenly it isn’t so should be interesting to hear what has suddenly changed.
    Dave Smith


  8. ” Julie Bindel in her Rotherham article published 5 years ago described how mothers warned their daughters not to associate with older Pakistani males only for the groomers to tell the girls that the reason for the parental warnings was racism. Thus the defences were disabled.”

    This is the other thing. As well as the overwhelming evidence of racial and religious hatred which the media have censored from the story (“white this” “kaffir that” etc) there’s the use of anti-racism quilt tripping on the girls. These children are drowned in a culture which says racism is the worst sin so predators use that to prey on them. They’re effectively pre-groomed by the culture.


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