South Yorkshire Police chief calls for an end to protests

South Yorkshire Police chief calls for an end to protests

South Yorkshire Chief Constable David Crompton has called for an end to protests which have cost his force £4 million over the last three years.

He said funds and resources to protect victims of crime are being absorbed by the constant demand to police protests.

Council chiefs back police calls for an end to protests in South Yorkshire

Rotherham Council chiefs have backed police calls for an end to protests which have so far cost £4 million to police.

This morning South Yorkshire Police Chief Constable David Crompton announced that he is to look to the law for a way of ending far-right protests.

South Yorkshire Police hit out at Rotherham protests

South Yorkshire Police have claimed demonstrations against failures to adequately investigate child abuse are costing the force too much money.

The force has policed 20 protests since 2012, including 14 in Rotherham where a report found 1,400 girls were sexually exploited from 1997-2013.

The chief constable and the crime commissioner (PCC) dubbed the protests “unhelpful” and say they should stop.

But one protest group said they had a right to highlight police “failings”.

£4m cost of Rotherham protests prompts police legal advice

SOUTH Yorkshire Police is taking legal advice to prevent town centre protests which have cost the force £4 million in three years.

That figure does not include subsequent investigations, with last weekend’s Wellgate disorder currently taking up the time of nine officers.

Chief Constable David Crompton said: “Since October 2012 we have policed 20 protests, 14 of which have focused on Rotherham.

When Crompton appeared before Vaz at the Home Affairs Select Committee, he had difficulty remembering events clearly, as I recall.  So bad were his recollections, one became concerned he might be suffering from a medical problem? But then I remembered, he had been required by Vaz to take the oath, could that have been why?

Just in case he hasn’t seen these scenes or is having a continued problem with his memory, these outrageous scenes were filmed on Saturday:

11 thoughts on “South Yorkshire Police chief calls for an end to protests

  1. Well of course they do – anything that stops them being able to kick their corruption and incomptenece into the long grass must be supressed.
    Protests are about freedom and liberty , whether you like the protesters views or not.
    It is the job of the police to ensure that any peaceful protests can take place.
    The UAF strategy is a Trotskyist one – to create disorder so that any protests that they oppose will be banned. It’s a very old established technique, and easily used on the left-wing idiots at the higher levels of the South Yorkshire Police. Of course, the “muslim community” buy into this strategy, for obvious reasons, creating diosorder as we have seen in the videos, so that future demonstrations will be banned.
    It is not the job of the police , or the council, to decide what is politically acceptable and what is not. It is their job to facilitate peaceful protest.
    In fact, the police should be actively enforcing the right to demonstrate, and arresting those who create disorder.


  2. Every time S Yorks Chief Constable opens his mouth it confirms in the minds of most reasonable people he is not only unfit to do the job but also ignorant of the limitations on the role of the police.


  3. nothing to do with how much the protests cost to police more like the pakistani community are now kicking up a stink as we saw on saturday on wellgate .


  4. He may call for a ban to these protest, but he and his incompetent force, PC correct clowns of the Labour Party, buffoons of council officials and of course, those morally, fine upstanding members of the community, those Pakistani rapeists are to blame for all what’s going on. The moment the scandal broke, he should’ve been removed and his entire force, amalgamated with another, more compentent Police force. See he’s speaking out about something, pity he didn’t say anything or do anything when all those children were being raped.


  5. Those whose behaviour was totally unacceptable, were the Kashmiri street thugs, rioting on Wellgate. For them, the ‘culture of impunity’ continues, thanks to a bunch of incompetents.
    Crompton cannot see what is crystal clear before his eyes, he must go!
    If he will not resign, then Billings must sack him, without further procrastination!
    South Yorkshire Police is simply, ‘not fit for purpose’.


  6. We are told we don’t need protests now because RMBC and SYP are now on the case. Except, (I hate to harp), RMBC are still destroying evidence, SYP are stuffed full of guilty men, each successive review shows they are still failing victims and there is an ongoing campaign of intimidation of witnesses and whistleblowers by guilty taxi drivers and others more highly placed.


  7. one yobo can clearly be heard saying “get bricks out” so lets get this right muslim youth protesting about britain first protesting about muslim groomers how does that work ?


  8. The violence always seems to come from the opposition to these marches from the evidence I have seen. Why don’t the police ensure that the opposition demonstrate on another weekend. But it wouldn’t have stopped the violence from the Asian youths last Saturday in Rotherham.


  9. Rotherham Unite Against Fascism ? They appear to be the real fascists ! When will they be dealt with, for their obvious wrongdoing as depicted in these outrageous scenes ?
    Time Crompton accepted his responsibility and goes forthwith!
    Alan Billings must do his job and rid us of our incompetent Chief Constable. Time for action, not words!


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