Rotherham councillors seek police apology for Orgreave

Rotherham councillors seek police apology for Orgreave

Rotherham councillors have called on South Yorkshire Police to apologise for ‘misconduct’ relating to the Battle of Orgreave.

A motion was passed at a full meeting of Rotherham Council yesterday asking for both for the apology and calling on an independent public inquiry into the events of 31 years ago to be ordered by the Government.

It follows the Independent Police Complaints Commission saying it could not investigate the matter.

Watch it yourself:

Council Meeting Wednesday, 16th September, 2015 2.00 p.m.

Council Meeting Wednesday, 16th September, 2015 2.00 p.m. Attendance details Agenda frontsheet PDF 144 KB Agenda reports pack PDF 3 MB Venue: Town Hall, Moorgate Street, Rotherham. S60 2TH Watch it live or later:

8 thoughts on “Rotherham councillors seek police apology for Orgreave

  1. Many of us asked for the whole of RMBC Labour Group to resign over their mis-handling of the Child Rape and Abuse in Rotherham but they have failed to do so!! Why should the police apologise for doing their job and trying to prevent the rioting of those thugs?


  2. Excuse me….. did I read that correctly ?…. Rotherham councilors demanding apology for a thirty year old single incident….. Bad timing folks …. Get over it .


  3. If any should apologise it’s Scargill. He is the one who tried to bring this country to its knees. His current allegations that MI5 and MI6 tried to murder him show just what a liar he is. He wants to think himself lucky that he lives in a democratic country where he is allowed to open his big lying gob! In most other countries he would have been eliminated for what he tried to do. If the security services had wanted to kill him, they would have done so and not in the manner this lying thug tries to make out.


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