Ten year jail sentence for serial child rapist

Ten year jail sentence for serial child rapist

A MAN has been jailed for ten years for multiple sexual offences against a child.

Yahia Ali (45), of Cowood Street, Mexborough, appeared before Sheffield Crown Court today after pleading guilty of seven counts of rape.

In March 2015, police were called after the seven-year-old victim disclosed that Ali had abused her in Doncaster.


19 thoughts on “Ten year jail sentence for serial child rapist

  1. The police say they hope the family will be satisfied with the “significant” sentence. Multiple rapes of a seven year old and he will be out in five years! The jails are full of desperate women from developing countries who smuggled drugs to feed their children (where they weren’t coerced) doing sentences as long or longer. I for one am not satisfied by this pathetic sentence.


    • Judicial buffoons Part 6589

      “Asian victims of child sex crimes suffer more than white children and their attackers should accordingly be punished more severely, the court of appeal has ruled.

      Ruling on a convicted paedophile’s appeal for a lesser sentence, Mr Justice Walker said it was right that Jamal Muhammed Raheem Ul Nasir had been given a longer spell in prison because his victims were Asian.”


      I didn’t think I could despise, loathe and detest our insouciant, upper middle-class liberal rulers any more than I do, but they are a constant source of suprise and always coming out with a new low


  2. To clarify, the offender is eligible for parole after five years. At best he will serve 2/3 of his sentence in the unlikely event all his parole applications are denied.


  3. There are still some of us ( more than politicians care to believe) who prefer a sentence of subluxation of the C2 and C3 vertebrae a more just penalty for this type of crime.


  4. Have a feeling you won’t publish my earlier comment Rik…. Did me good to write it though after thinking of my lovely 7 year old grandchildren and the sort of rage that one would experience if they became victims of such horror. Justice is the only framework for the healing of type of crime. Justice was not served with this sentence.


  5. The victims were 9 and 14. By clear implication the court ruled 7 years would have been too long if the victims were white! I agree with Parsonage. Even I didn’t believe we have sunk so far.


  6. From the child’s aspect. 7 plus 10 (or less) means from the time he/she is 17 they will be looking over their shoulder in fear…. That is if they dare to leave the house.
    This was systematic rape over a some period of time….Healing time for this child is priority in this situation. Virtually impossible with such a short sentence.
    Castration for this man means no more than he will be able to sing soprano in the future.


  7. I have written to Sarah Champion about the ruling that white victims suffer less. I suggested that to ask a question in Parliament on this would not only be morally right but might help dispel the widespread view that the opinion expressed (that white victims are less deserving) summarises the attitude of the Labour party. John Healey is my MP but Sarah always writes back, Healey doesn’t give a damn as we all know.


  8. I apologise to Rothpol and readers for over commenting but the Court ruling strikes so deeply at the heart of the principles of justice I urge every reader to write to their MP and the Home Secretary and anyone else they can think of. There have been many insane rulings but this establishes in law that some victims are worth less because of their skin colour. That’s a whole other level. Thanks to Parsonage for supplying a link to the Guardian as a link to the Mail or Telegraph would be used by liberals as an excuse to dismiss the report as a lie.


    • What makes this all the more grotesque is that despite all the charming racial epithets aimed at victims I am not aware of any case where CSE offences have been charged as racially/religiously motivated hate crimes, which they very obviously are

      “white bitch, slut, trash ……kaffir bitch” – these are commonly employed insults recorded by the media in a number of cases, so one wonders what it would take for the criminal justice system to charge accordingly.

      Following on from the crass comments made by the judge in the Aylesbury case one wonders whether our wonderful judiciary actually agrees with the groomers’ opinions of the victims and their families

      “In short these abusers believe that white girls are less deserving of respect than Asian girls and it seems that the UK judiciary agree with them”



  9. A sudden collapse of the floorboards while the prisoner is suspended between the shoulders and neck is the real and only solution for guilt beyond reasonable doubt in this type of crime….
    Why do I say this, because further terror is removed from the child (priority) and it gives the permanent message (don’t even think about it ) to those with the same kind of motives…
    Justice denied on a national scale is a definite recipe for vigilante responses whether we like it or not….


  10. Linda Wheeler is absolutely correct, the ONLY way to stop this type of hideous crime is to execute these pieces of filth. They do not act as humans, therefore they have no right to be treated as human.
    As a police officer in the early 1960’s in Sheffield we experienced around one murder per year. On my retirement 30 years later there was around one a week. Why, because in the 1960’s there was still the threat of going to the gallows for murder and rape. It worked!


  11. For those interested, ‘Richard Clarks Capital Punishment UK ‘ sight on the web makes interesting reading on the subject of justice , punishment and mercy….Before commenting on justice for capital crimes Richard Clarks sight is a must read in my view and a very in-depth and honest research of the facts and figures regarding punishment for capital crimes in Britain over hundreds of years. Much more reliable than governments ‘experts’ on the subject.
    Richard Clarks research is verifiable to those interested in this important subject of National and local justice for individuals (victims and offenders) in UK.


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