What Tony Blair’s government knew – and when?

Although  not recent, this interesting and thoughtful piece spotted for us by Wil is certainly worth a read:

Rotherham child sex abuse scandal: Labour Home Office to be probed over what Tony Blair’s government knew – and when

The extent to which the former Labour government tried to play down criminality and extremism among British Muslims for fear of undermining community cohesion is revealed today, as the fallout from the Rotherham sex abuse scandal continued.

The publication last week of Professor Alexis Jay’s report into grooming by Muslim gangs in Rotherham has triggered widespread criticism over how much the council and the police knew about the abuse more than a decade ago.

The Independent on Sunday can reveal that a House of Commons committee is to investigate what Tony Blair’s Home Office knew about the Rotherham scandal as far back as 2001 after more evidence emerged about his government’s efforts to pacify Muslim communities. Read on…..


8 thoughts on “What Tony Blair’s government knew – and when?

  1. Let’s have a review of the RMBC Labour party planning process for the new super mosque, now that would be interesting for the locals.

    Then again community cohesion comes first; over to you snouts in the trough commissioners, it could possibly be that they do not have the stomach to open this Pandora’s Box and place their daily fat cat expenses at risk.

    Call in the decision, review the process and let’s see if due diligence was carried out.


  2. I’m all for investigations………… but i like them to at least have the semblance of a justification. Normally, this would be some evidence of wrong-doing. Have you got any?


  3. Given all the islamophobia being whipped up by the Blair government around “The war on terror” at the time, I don’t understand why they should be reluctant to offend muslims, who might have been involved in child sex abuse in Rotherham. Given what has been swirling around Westminster and Buckingham Palace, (non of the accused as far as I am aware were/ are Muslims) around historical sex abuse, it seems Governments over the lasts 40 odd years have been turning a blind eye, no matter the race or religion of the perpetrators, with kids from mainly poor working class backgrounds being the victims.


    • “I don’t understand why they should be reluctant to offend muslims, who might have been involved in child sex abuse in Rotherham”

      May have been involved?

      Anyway take Jack Straw for instance – “Mr Straw would not respond to requests for comment.” from above link

      Perhaps that’s not altogether suprising

      “In the Lancashire constituency of Blackburn, where the Foreign Secretary, Jack Straw, is defending his 9,249 majority, the vote-rigging allegations have intensified as polling day nears.

      “I’ve come from Uzbekistan to Blackburnistan,” says Craig Murray, Britain’s former ambassador to the central Asian republic who is campaigning to unseat the Foreign Secretary. He left the Foreign Office after speaking out against the Government’s use of intelligence obtained by torture.

      “This is very much a Labour rotten borough,” he said. “There is a nexus of the police, the authorities and business – if we were in the Soviet Union, you would say mafia.”

      The jailing of a Blackburn city councillor – an Asian Muslim representing Labour – for rigging postal votes in the May 2002 local elections has failed to silence the rumour mill. Voters in the Muslim community, which makes up almost a quarter of the electorate, say now they are being strong-armed by mosque leaders and councillors to vote Labour. The number of postal votes registered in Blackburn is 20,000, compared to 7,600 in 2001.”


      “Given what has been swirling around Westminster and Buckingham Palace, (non of the accused as far as I am aware were/ are Muslims) around historical sex abuse”

      Swirling’s about the right term actually; “Nick” and “Darren” – very convincing

      “But the Mail has been told that when Nick is challenged on his version of events, he ‘becomes emotional and the interview is stopped’.
      A source said: ‘When he contacted police, he had a well-rehearsed script and initially appeared believable. But when you scratch under the surface of his claims, there is nothing there.

      ‘The notion of an organised paedophile gang of a former prime minister, MPs and Establishment figures is just nonsense.
      ‘Police have not been able to identify any victims. There is not one shred of credible evidence to support his allegations. The police investigation has been exhaustive but they have drawn a blank.’

      Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3222908/Grave-doubts-claims-key-witnesses-VIP-sex-abuse-inquiry.html#ixzz3mSmTDVmK
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      “Darren had been previously sentenced to two years in jail for making hoax bomb calls, nuisance and threatening calls about neighbours and criminal damage
      * he falsely confessed to the murder of a prostitute in the midst of a high profile police manhunt in the 1990s
      * a judge accused him of telling “some pretty whopping lies” at the conclusion of a court case 15 years ago”


      “Mr Watson, elected Labour’s deputy leader two weeks ago, has won huge plaudits for standing up in the House of Commons in October 2012 and alleging that a high level paedophile network had existed with protection from senior politicians in Parliament and even in Downing St.”

      Fat sticky fingerprints all over this.


    • Brian
      It does no good defending the abusers in Rotherham CSE grooming because they are allegedly kashmiri by using the establishment/ westminster/celebrity sex abuse of boys and girls as a diversion.

      All forms is wrong and evil.

      regardless of class or race they must be tracked down and prosecuted.

      Those in positions of trust like MPs, Cllrs, officers and the police who derelicted their duty must be held to account.


  4. “westminster/celebrity sex abuse of boys and girls as a diversion.”

    which is precisely what the likes of Watson have been doing – creating a diversion.

    Always seemed rather a coincidence that the VIP/celeb abuse fest started some months after the Rochdale 3rd group/gang grooming trial of May 2012 meant that the lid had been lifted on the Pakistani group/gang CSE epidemic. The public was starting to get an inkling of the nature and extent of the abuse.

    So a major diversion was required, and quickly

    Every time the issue of Rochdale and then Rotherham was brought up there were the parrot cries of “what about Savile?” As if Savile was by himself the equivalence of a massive grooming, rape, trafficking, torture, pimping epidemic.

    Of course you can only go so far with a handful of ancient/dead celebs.

    To create the necessary climate of false equivalence something a lot more lurid was required

    “On 24 October 2012, Watson suggested in the House of Commons that a paedophile network may have existed in the past at a high level, protected by connections to Parliament and involving a close aide to a former Prime Minister; neither the aide nor the former Prime Minister were named……….. “powerful paedophile network linked to Parliament and No 10″..”


    So we come to “Nick” and “Darren”


    “1980 – at a residential house in central London. “Nick” was driven by car to an address in the Pimlico/Belgravia area where a second boy (the victim) was also collected in the same vehicle. Both boys, aged approximately 12-years-old, were driven to another similar central London address. MR PROCTOR was present with another male. Both boys were led to the back of the house. MR PROCTOR then stripped the victim, and tied him to a table. He then produced a large kitchen knife and stabbed the child through the arm and other parts of the body over a period of 40 minutes. A short time later MR PROCTOR untied the victim and anally raped him on the table. The other male stripped “Nick” and anally raped him over the table. MR PROCTOR then strangled the victim with his hands until the boy’s body went limp. Both males then left the room. Later, MR PROCTOR returned and led “Nick” out of the house and into a waiting car.”


    “At a press conference on Tuesday, Proctor added that he had been accused of being part of a child sexual abuse ring along with the late prime minister Edward Heath, ex-home secretary Leon Brittan and former heads of MI5 and MI6. The allegations were based on the testimony of an anonymous witness that Scotland Yard had previously described as being “credible and true”.”


    It’s increasingly apparent that these claims are neither credible nor true

    The “campaigning” Watson was also quick off the mark in the alleged Staffordshire VIP abuse ring

    “MP Tom Watson today called for a ‘comprehensive investigation’. Staffordshire Police said they had already interviewed Ms Baker and would continue doing so this week.

    Ms Baker described the political figure, who does not come from Staffordshire, as: “One of the core members. He was there quite often – I was one of his favourites. I know every inch of his face.” Of the police officers she added: “I got the feeling very much that they were protecting somebody, that they were with one of the men.

    “One of them (police officers) I knew from church. There were a few occasions where they would be in uniform and I learned that when they were in uniform it was going to be a rough night. On occasion they would sort of join in.”


    If it is eventually admitted that Ms Baker’s claims have the same level of credibility as Nick and Darren’s that won’t be a suprise.

    Cannock Chase is of course nearer to Watson’s constituency than is Westminster.

    But when it comes reports that have emerged over the last year or so(dragged out of WMP by FOI) that Watson’s very own area bears “significant similarities to Rotherham” the portly campaigning hero has emulated the Trappist monk’s vow of silence.

    This is a repeated pattern

    The explanation is not hard to seek – a vile combination of Labour vote grubbing graft and its politically correct emotional investment in diversity and multi-culti – the victims were just the wrong kind of victims and the perpetrators the wrong kind of abusers

    The left was long in denial about the reality of the grooming epidemic, for instance this crass effort by this Guardian writer here

    “The efforts of the Times to stand up this investigation are certainly considerable: selectively quoting or misquoting some groups, and inventing a category of “on-street grooming” that does not exist in law and was not recognised by any of the agencies I spoke to. It is also worth asking how responsible it is to provide ammunition to the violent racist extremists already active in these areas on such flawed evidence.”


    The Times was of course entirely correct, as nobody can now deny

    But it seems that the politically correct brigade went from denial to conspiratorial diversion; spinning a web of lies and deceit and false accusations from fantasists and consorting for the purpose with the most dubious people(eg Exaro).

    Meanwhile the wrong type of victims continue to suffer, and they continue to be denied justice. And pigs wedge their snouts in the trough ever deeper


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