One man walkout!

UKIP are in the process of having their conference in Doncaster.

Nigel Farage’s conference speech, should have united the party behind a vision for the future but it became too much for a Rotherham member and borough councillor, Greg Reynolds!

Greg made his protest on immigration, a one man walkout no less! Right in front of the TV cameras, for all to see.

UKIP Rotherham looks set to lose another councillor to the Independents.

Perhaps Caven will be able to persuade him to stay? He might have a better chance when Greg is not so ‘tired and emotional’?

3 thoughts on “One man walkout!

  1. I watched Farage`s speech back on bbci player (Politics show) Greg was in the background chatting away, he seemed happy enough to me. Just because he disagreed with some video, does not mean he is leaving. As for “tired and emotional”, from what I have seen at Council meetings, Greg seems more “passionate” than emotional.


  2. It seems yet again the media and other parties are choosing to try and show UKIP in disarray whilst it shows at least psrth members have their own views and can express them NOT like other parties


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