Attempts to ban Rotherham abuse protests stall

Attempts to ban Rotherham abuse protests stall

Attempts to ban extremist groups from demonstrating in Rotherham have stalled, The Star can reveal.

Rotherham Council commissioners wrote to the Home Secretary in May saying they were planning to make a joint submission with South Yorkshire Police asking for special powers to outlaw demonstrations by groups such as the EDL and Britain First.

5 thoughts on “Attempts to ban Rotherham abuse protests stall

  1. significant impact on town centre trade ? stop kidding yourself rmbc i was in rotherham town centre last saturday non protest day the place was empty the only crowd was the roma /slovak mob having a sing a long outside poundland only time rotherham town centre is full is when a march takes place .


  2. Last time I went to Rotherham I didn’t even see any where to buy decent men’s clothes, what is there to attract me? Go back to the 1980’s and it was a totally different ball game.


  3. I have no time for the politics of the far right and I have no time for the highly sensitive minorities whose community leaders turn a blind eye to the rape and abuse of children in Rotherham.

    We still have the freedom of speech and the right to express our views, tolerance is the underpinning value in the ability to demonstrate.

    The reason the far right march in Rotherham is because the highly sensitive minority leaders both political and religious stayed silent on the abuse of children, you reap what you sow, (apologies if by quoting Galatians I offend anyone)

    A serving member of the RAF in uniform is asked to move out of a hospital department because he would upset other patients represents the lack of tolerance and political correctness that provides the far right with the ammunition to take to the streets.

    Now over to you religious and political leaders from the minority communities, publicly stand shoulder to shoulder with the wider community, name and shame those child abusers within the town and then maybe we can stop the march of the far right in Rotherham, until then you are part of the problem.


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