David Cameron the fox hunter

David Cameron the fox hunter in photograph he didn’t want anyone to see

This is the first picture of bloodsports fan David Cameron going fox hunting.

The Prime Minister was just a year away from becoming Tory leader when he was captured on horseback riding out with the Heythrop Hunt from Chipping Norton.

Looking slightly nervous, the then backbench MP peered round as he perched aboard his mount, surrounded by other huntsmen and women on Boxing Day 2004.

The photograph was unearthed by ex-Tory donor Lord Ashcroft for his Call Me Dave biography of the PM.

Mr Cameron gave up fox hunting when he became Conservative leader in 2005.

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44 thoughts on “David Cameron the fox hunter

  1. There is absolutely nothing wrong with fox hunting. The ban by the Labour Party was the most ridiculous legislation ever to be passed by the British Parliament in many a century!


  2. RR, man has always hunted, it is a natural instinct to do so. Furthermore, ever since the fox hunting ban there has been a massive influx of foxes into our towns and city’s as there is now a massive competition for food for them. Also, living in the countryside, I see the devastation caused by these animals to livestock on our farms.
    Now you give a valid reason where there should be a ban.


    • Some peoples traditionally hunted for food, but not all. Defending oneself from attack is a natural instinct.
      As someone who lived in urban London for many years and long before the ban came into force – and I still spend much time there, I can assure you that the Fox Hunting Ban has had no obvious impact on the London fox population, the density of vehicular traffic does have a significant effect – some 50% of urban foxes die that way in London area.

      Farmers can shoot foxes, far more effective than having people in silly clothes galloping over their fields.

      ….and then there is this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spotted_hyenas_in_Harar


  3. It’s funny RR but most farmers I know fully support fox hunting and encourage people in silly clothes galloping over their land. What it is, is people like you who think that fox hunting is a pursuit of the upper classes and that is why you would have it banned. I assure you that most people I know who go fox hunting are perfectly normal WORKING CLASS people who happen to like fox hunting and certainly in rural areas, are the majority of the population. This is a Labour/Communistic thing where the Working Class think they have to have control because Labour is/was in power. The sooner the ban is lifted the better.


  4. They’re not normal if they enoy seeing an animal run for its life and then being torn apart for the amusement of sickos. Whether they are of modest means or affluent like Cameron
    is besides the point. Apologies, that should have been effluent in regards to Cameron.


  5. I would not kill anything that I would not eat …. I have had rabbit, pheasant, hare, partridge , and wood pigeon … but who eats fox ? … not me .. It is a game for people who think they are above everyone else (10 bob millionaires maybe) but it certainly is not a working mans pastime.


  6. The fox doesn’t kill to eat, the fox kills for killings sake. That is why they are vermin and should be hunted and destroyed. These days, RR, people who ride to the hounds ARE, ordinary working class people, you know, people who work hard for a living, many who work on the land and see what wanton destruction the foxes do to their livestock.
    1st time user, what do you call a 10 bob millionaire, someone who works hard for a living but doesn’t piss it all again a wall? Get real you lot!


  7. You want to get real. If you think the ban will be repealed without massive resistance you have a big shock coming. Why aren’t you calling for cock fighting and bear baiting to be decriminalized, they were also wrongly outlawed weren’t they?


    • You’re the one being stupid, if you think just repeal this law and every thing will be fine and dandy. What went on before the ban wil reoccur big time. The hunters and their supporters will need to keep looking over their shoulders, for they could become the huntered!


  8. More evidence of selective rage towards certain sections of society. Namely fox hunters.

    I just want to point out selective rage is a double standard and a bare faced hypocrisy …….


  9. Some recent Times articles on foxes.
    12 June 2015

    “A man has been arrested after 16 fox cubs were found in a barn, prompting claims that they
    were being kept in captivity for illegal hunting.
    The League Against Cruel Sports yesterday said the cubs had been taken from the wild in
    North Yorkshire so they could be hunted and that the arrested man was linked to a nearby
    hunt in Middleton.
    It said it took covert video evidence of the cubs, all aged from six to eight weeks, in a
    dark shed near Malton and passed its evidence to North Yorkshire police, who rescued the
    cubs. Officers arrested the man in connection with an investigation into cruelty.
    Toni Shephard, head of policy and research for the league, said: “This blows apart the
    argument that hunting is ‘wildlife management’. Why would people working for a hunt be
    keeping young foxes? The answer is simple but terrible — they capture foxes so there is
    always a ready supply of animals to be chased by the hunt. Put bluntly, these foxes were
    kidnapped for cruelty.”
    Police said that the foxes were being fed and had access to water, but detectives were
    seeking more information about how they got to the barn and why they were being kept there.
    Tim Bonner, director of campaigns for the Countryside Alliance, said yesterday that the
    Middleton Hunt did not own the barn at the centre of the investigation. Speaking on behalf
    of the hunt, he said that it was “not associated” with the foxes in any way. “It’s not
    their barn and they haven’t done anything wrong. No one employed or associated with the
    hunt has done anything wrong or committed a criminal offence.” ”
    also available via most media sites: https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=fox+shed+North+yorkshire&oq=fox+shed+North+yorkshire

    20 Sept 2015

    “It is a well-known fact that our cities are being overrun by foxes. Ask anybody and
    they’ll tell you how, when they walk home of an evening, they often see three at once, bold
    as brass, sitting among the remains of the bin bag they’ve just ripped open.
    Like many well-known facts, however, it’s simply not true. Contrary to popular belief,
    urban fox populations have remained static for decades. Instead, the animals themselves are
    changing: they’ve been trained by us to become less wild, more domestic and much more in
    your face. And for every person who thinks it’s high time something was done about it,
    there’s someone else chucking leftover sausages at the problem.”

    10 October 2015

    “The first council to reintroduce culling of urban foxes removed the traps yesterday after
    complaints from animal rights groups, including the RSPCA.
    Hackney council in east London said it had started the cull because of the severe risk to
    animals and the potential risk to the public.
    The authority has temporarily halted the operation before a single fox has been caught,
    however, after thousands of people signed a protest petition.
    The RSPCA said that it was not aware of other authorities carrying out culls, which were
    abandoned about 30 years ago, and fears that the Hackney scheme will set a precedent.
    Hackney said that it was using “humane traps” in a deer enclosure in Clissold Park, Stoke
    Newington, because foxes had become a significant risk to the deer and a potential health
    hazard for visitors to the park’s 18th-century grade II listed mansion.”
    and via https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=culling+clissold+park

    Full Times texts available if you want them Rothpol.


  10. RR, the North Yorkshire incident is a “one off” and it has been proved the man concerned had NOTHING to do with the local hunt. With regard to stopping the cull of foxes in rural areas, this is no doubt due to the pressure and THREATS by the animal rights activists.


    • “and it has been proved the man concerned had NOTHING to do with the local hunt.”, the word you are looking for is “proven”.
      Who has “provened it?

      “With regard to stopping the cull of foxes in rural areas,”
      So you think the London Borough of Hackney is a rural area?
      Well it once may have been – some 400 or so years ago. But sorry to say, it has got a bit built-up-on since you were last there then. After that fire they had in London in 1666 things changed a lot.

      I’m thinking that you still doff your cap / touch your forelock to the local squire. It was a great old tradition, keep it up!


    • Hi Poetmorgan, Deer were introduced in NZ in 1850 by early settlers (Not sure whether for food or sport).. Perhaps both….I am inclined to believe they were primarily a food source because early settlers did not have much time for recreation due to clearing forest to settle and farm. Very hard ‘yakker’ …However they are now classified as a pest causing erosion and destruction of forest and plant life.
      Department of conservation have a culling programme for deer with professional deer hunters and sportsmen must have a license to cull. They are a valuable food source and a delicacy for people who like the taste of game. Deer meat can be found in most supermarkets here. Hunting still plays a large part of recreation life in NZ for men.
      Coming from Sheffield and Rotherham and raising our children in a vast country area of NZ I did my best to dissuade my sons from hunting game… Alas it fell on deaf ears….
      Deer is classified as a food source, a pest and an export item in New Zealand….


      • I was referring to the likes of the Quantock hunt that dress up in all their posh kit and ride a hound to death or corner it and have been filmed finishing off the stag with a sledge hammer to the amusement of all the hunters present. I suspect in NZ the deer are brought down with a bullet and hunting them is a job not a jolly jaunt.


      • What you call “deer meat”has for generations been known as venison in English – it is farmed in Yorkshire, and always available in my local Asda. I don’t even consider that it’s “game” – but these people do : http://www.wildmeat.co.uk/collections/game-meat
        But they have nothing like the range of Wildfleisch that you get in the supermarkets and markets of France, Germany and Switzerland.
        Young goat is really tasty! Have you tried it? In UK I get it in Brixton market. It is a speciality in Portugal and the West Indies.
        ..and on my first school trip to France in 1954 I was fed Young Horse (colt) steaks – really delicious!
        But I will always oppose fox hunting!


  11. For Rik……, I do get your point Rik …. It may be better for me to rephrase my comment regarding selective outrage. In this thread ‘fox hunting’ is the debated topic.. I didn’t think my edited comment did divert from the topic of killing for entertainment or convenience. Killing goes on all the time; in fact every day with deafening silence from the public and it’s not PC to discus it due to it being legal in some circumstances.. It is selective self righteousness to bitterly complain about the cruel killing of foxes while ignoring other forms. That was my point Rik , but I accept your editing of my comment and will try to be less bolshy in the future even though it’s a difficult task for a woman born with a redhaired disadvantage.


      • Not specifically for you Mal…. The point I was trying to make is cruelty and injustice on any level should cause general outrage in humanity. It is selective outrage I was addressing and it is a pit I am wary of falling into myself….


  12. So RR and Poetmorgan, you want to ban all this cruelty to animals. OK, are you wanting to ban the killing of animals for Hal al meat? This, in my opinion is one of the cruelest forms of animal slaughter but we mustn’t upset the Muslims must we? So sorry I used the wrong word RR, I’ll try and be correct next time, just as much as you are Politically Correct.


    • The word in Arabic is “Halal”,
      Jewish Kosher meat follows a similar slaghtering practise an it also occurs among Ethiopian Orthodox and Coptic Christians.
      However, in the case of Ethiopian Orthodox Christians, and until relatively recently, they didn’t always kill the beast before eating, and of course even now they often don’t get round to cooking the meat before they eat it.

      But the topic is fox hunting.


      • For RR…….
        Patient….”Doctor, I feel compelled to correct other peoples grammar and spelling.”
        Doctor…. Is that a problem in your daily life.
        Patient…. It is, people hate being corrected.
        Doctor….. I think you are over-exaggerating.
        Patient…. You mean exaggerating, over-exaggerating is redundant
        Doctor….. You were right, I hate you now !


  13. Wjere did i put in the word “BAN” you imagined that. I criticised what I do not like. Tell me is that a crime in your eyes???
    Oh and I refuse to eat Halal. No I do not scream at those who do but if asked I will say why. Tell me is having my own opinion a crime???
    So “Anonymous” you want to ban free thinking individuals having a different opinion to yours. Are you that silly little fat monster in North Korea?


  14. A few years back the countryside alliance folk tried to sell their ideas to secondary school kids. Their posters saying “keep on hunting” all got daubed with criticisms and I gather they got not one new member from local schools. They are historic throwbacks. Society is moving on and shedding that stuff.


  15. Poetmorgan, a few years before the era you are talking about, there was a disgusting organisation calling themselves, “Animal Right Activists” who murdered people, bombed people and their buildings, burgled and broke every law in the book. They were some of the most evil people in this country at that time. They were responsible for mink running free in our countryside when they released them from mink farms. The mink are now responsible for killing everything in sight, just like the foxes do.
    The hunting ban played right into the hands of these despicable, murdering scumbags.


    • I agree the way the anti bloodsports mob behaved was utterly disgraceful. Doesn’t make fox hunting with horse and hounds right though, does it?


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