Replacements required?

Labour are starting the process of finding replacements for many of those who are currently Councillors.

The scale of their problem becomes evident when they are viewed together as a group. Many of those here, served throughout the period when the Council was ‘not fit for purpose’, were any, actually ‘fit for purpose’? Jay and Casey, didn’t think so.

Lab Cllrs

A simple intelligence test would, no doubt, screen out the ‘duds’. It has often been said of Rotherham Labour Group, their collective age, exceeds their collective IQ! Something from which, I would not demur.

I reproduce below an invitation to members of the Labour Party to serve as candidates in next May’s ‘all out’ local government elections in Rotherham.

Chris Reed Let 1Chris Reed Let 2

I am grateful to the supplier of this information, but I cannot attribute it, as they remain anonymous.

The tone of Chris Reads letter concerns me, as they seem to think they have Rotherham’s problems licked, they haven’t! Many problems have their roots deep within the Party, will they act, I doubt it?

Brian Steele, Chair of Rotherham District Labour Party sent out an invitation to the sessions via email. None of the flowery language of self delusion, in his though.

19 thoughts on “Replacements required?

  1. Heard from several labour members that many of new members are far from impressed. Too many cllrs in labour group and MPs are denying any debate on policy. No surprize there


  2. Keepmoat and developers have been busy rubbing their hands their favourit cllr atkins is now head of planning.
    Good job he is not in charge of family planning.


  3. Just seen list. We did not know Steel was a cllr. So he is a full time union convenor like sansum but carrying out cuts to jobs and services.


  4. How many took part in the 2005 seminars on child sex exploitation and grooming?

    How many of the other Cllrs and MPs will have heard from fellow cllrs who did or council officials or police sources?

    Why did they fail to alert their constituent families over the dangers and risks?

    have they a duty of care?

    Are they happy to pass the buck and let people blame muslim taxi drivers?


  5. There is a strong belief that many of the existing Cllrs who failed to confront CSE grooming will stand again by default.

    The CSE deniers are intending to run the clock down for new blood to take their place.

    Any new cllrs will be vetted closely to keep current conservatism attitude.


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