UKIP’s own candidate issues

UKIP is also engaged in the search for a panel of candidates, to present to the electorate as an alternative administration at next May’s ‘all out’ local government elections.

The magic number is 63! Would appear to be quite a challenge in the circumstances?

UKIP Cllrs 12 Oct 2015


8 thoughts on “UKIP’s own candidate issues

  1. As exonerated Karate Barry resigned from the Labour party would he make himself available for UKIP, and didn’t Asbo make tentative enquiries for a change of party? Are UKIP prepared to accept two very experienced, if somewhat tainted, excouncillors?


  2. A few weeks ago, I suggested that Jack Clarkson, UKIP’s failed South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner – who had declared that he had ‘suspended himself’ (his words apparently) as a Sheffield councillor for ‘family reasons’ – was actually in serious trouble because he had established an entirely new relationship with the police………. and that it was time for him and UKIP to come clean about what was going on.

    In typical fashion, UKIP stayed schtum.

    Now, at last, we learn that UKIP hero Jack Clarkson is to stand trial on a charge of assault.

    And, there is still not a squeak from UKIP.


  3. At least UKIP will work for the betterment of the borough unlike labourwho wants everyone to believe they have seen the error of their ways NOT. According to chris read UKIP will grind Rotherham into the ground then he says immaterial of your politics labour councillors will help you hypocritical or what. Contrary to whatever party you belong it should be that national politics have no place at this level councillor’s should eork together for the benefit of those who voted for them
    if a councillor has an idea which is a good one we must assume if you are not labour it won’t be considered as is the way now stop being childish and work TOGETHER for the benefit of all


    • Your comment appears to be as philosophically coherent as it is grammatically correct. But, as you appear to be a spokesperson for UKIP, perhaps you or Mr Vines or A N Other UKIP representative might tell us why there has been complete UKIP silence for several weeks about UKIP Councillor J Clarkson’s ‘self-suspension’.


      • I am NOT a spokesperson for UKIP i am saying things as i see them labour are still riding roughshod over the electorate the point i was making was if someone has a better idea for something be they labour tory ukip or independent and it would help the people of the borough then let it be used. As for my grammar i do my best to be understood,lets not forget how many years this council let not only the children down but the borough as well if it upsets you i say things how i feel thats how i am


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