News: Council director set to leave

News: Council director set to leave

Karl Battersby, strategic director for Environment and Development Services at Rotherham Council, is set to leave the authority to take on a new role at Wigan Council.

Karl has worked at Rotherham Council since 2003, previously as a director of Planning and Transportation and as development control manager. He has been strategic director for Environment and Development Services for the last eight years.

The longest serving senior manager in the council, his remit included the broadest range of services within the authority, primarily focusing on key services delivered to the public such as housing, waste collection and disposal, street cleansing, libraries and customer services and economic development, planning, retail investment and the regeneration arm, RiDO.

12 thoughts on “News: Council director set to leave

  1. So, Can-do-Karl is off, well thank God for that.

    As for him being responsible for “developing a sound core strategy in the Local Plan” – who says, not one resident of Rotherham, that’s for sure.

    But, as he’s going to Wigan, is this some sort of perverse arrangement between two rubbish Labour councils – ‘Er, we’re really sorry for dumping Kimber on you a few years ago, so in recompense, we’re prepared to take Battersby off yer hands, how’s that?, does that settle the score?’

    Either way, that appears to be the last of the toxic salaried hangers-on gone, so bring on the next lot and around again, goes the big fat salaries carousel.


    • To Big Bird

      More like the lid on Pandora’s box ( ie the lawless Wild West called ‘Planning’) has been opened.

      Was it only a year ago when he thought he would be walking into Kimber’s polished shoes?

      Manzie of course, would of course, wax forth with the usual script when smoothing the path to the door for Karly Boy.

      ‘He will be greatly missed’ she said or as most if us would recognise just like ‘having Diphtheria (or something equally nasty) would also be greatly missed……..

      Another one bites the dust and not a minute too soon.


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