The nub of Rotherham’s problems?

If there has been a more revelatory post on the issue of the ‘heart’ of Rotherham’s problems, it is this post?

Clearly, when cover-ups are the order of the day, we have no hope of putting an end to the culture of secrecy.

This example is particularly egregious, involving, as it does, a serving police officer, the Mosque committee and Councillors, Saghir Alam and Taiba Yasseen!

Total ‘dereliction of duty’ by all concerned, would be one conclusion?

The allegations:

“It’s been alleged that Imam Ashiq had been abusing under age children at the mosque and he has fled the Town/Country and the committee helped him to move out of town.
They even helped him to sell his house on Broom Valley Road.”

The cover-up:

“Members of the Mosque Committee: PC Arif Ghulam Chairman, Secretary Karamat owner of FastFours taxis, Former Councillor Mahroof Hussain and Behari food store family.”

Others who are alleged to have been party to the cover-up:

“Chairman of Council of Mosques, Councillor Saghir Alam and Councillor Taiba Yaseen are keeping this undercover, as they feel it’s going to shame the community.
What would they do if there own brothers or sisters were victim to these horrendous crimes?
Saghir needs to resign from his position with immediate effect.
We’ve seen what happened when some people of the community covered up offences such as CSE.”

These activities, many of them illegal, have yet to be reported to the authorities. Why on Earth not!! Their dereliction of duty towards the victims and their families is incredible, given the community leadership roles, all those involved in this sordid tale, occupy.

25 thoughts on “The nub of Rotherham’s problems?

  1. Why aren’t the police involved ? if all this info has been found out by Rothpol what on earth are the authorities up to or is the old ” ignorance is bliss ” stance again


  2. No limit to how low things can go eh……I should think it’s pretty clear now there is no place to turn for a remedy in Rotherham. In the immortal words of President Ronald Reagan ” You ain’t seen nothin yet”. I am sure there is more to come in the way of revelation and the pathetic responses from those elected to bring about justice…

    .I think Bob Dylan’s “You gotta serve somebody” is worth a listen if anyone wants an alternative……Try it ….


  3. Thanks for the help gentlemen. To me , at least, Bob Dylan makes more sense than anything that comes out of the RMBC or any political party for that matter. It has a ring of TRUTH about it. A rare thing but , thankfully, still alive and well.


  4. PS, I agree with you RR the audio version with the one you suggest is better. Much better. My reason for choosing the live one has to do with the Bob Dylans body language . Compare it with any body language that comes from the RMBC councilors on their webcast. It’s the sort of drivel I want to throw my slippers at !


    • Linda, Ms Wheeler,
      The wise words of Kermit the Frog makes far more sense than any of your utterances.
      You are in no position to criticise others.


      • Reg, I didn’t know you had to be smarter than Kermit the frog to post on this blog. What I do know is, it is a contravention of Rothpol policy to make derogatory unsubstantiated comments without providing evidence to back it up… On what basis am I in no position to criticize others.? Always bearing in mind Reg, any accusations had better be true !


      • You didn’t give any facts why I am in no position to criticize Reg. I think I already know the answer to my own question. Because my views are vastly different to yours disqualifies me in your mind. You may have passed your spelling test with an A+ but people who haven’t still have a voice and are entitled to be heard on the serious matter of Rotherham having at least 1400 children possibly ruined for life without any real sign of anything I have seen of real help coming out of the RMBC. Neither will your attempts to silence commenters by the nasty attempt of censorship by ridicule………


    • For 11.53…….Didn’t comment on Bob Dylan’s lyrics for the benefit of the political enthusiast who think Labour or any other party is their hope for justice and salvation. Hopefully the victims of this long standing nightmare which is Rotherham, need an alternative outside of politics…. As I said Bob Dylan’s lyrics hit at the heart of what is true for all whether we are socially at the top or bottom of the social ladder……..Sorry that wasn’t obvious to you. My objective is to strip the political phonies naked in front of their voters and reveal the pathetic lies and cover -ups and their irrational belief they are the only answer to Rotherhams recovery to bring about justice, morality, safety and prosperity of it’s citizens. I think Dylan clarified that point in this song for me at least.


  5. So what are *you* doing about this cover up then Linda? I applaud your objective and sincere intent of course. I think MY point is that 5 posts out of 12 on the particular merits of Mr Zimmerman detract somewhat from the point and obscure the issue in hand is all. Also sorry that wasn’t obvious to you 😉


  6. Have you given any evidence you have to the police? And if they aren’t going to do anything about it (nothing new there), get a national newspaper to investigate.


  7. A recent article in the Yorkshire Post has all the same ingredients as the abuse of 1400 children, a perpetrator from a minority community that has a trigger sensitive response to being singled out, a white female victim and SYP failing to act.


  8. It is terrible for children of the borough that these things have to happen especially with acging police constables AND councillors from a NOT FIT FOR PURPOSE council also people belonging to a mosque whom they should be able to trust, if these allegations are proved true why are senior muslims in the community stsying quiet also why is there nkthjng being said by the council leader or pcc they always have much to say when elections come round. The people of the borough from whafever background should remember this and think about how people from other areas see Rotherham it is time this was stopped enough is enough deal with it now


    • Just reported this to counciler welbourne, he said he knows nothing about it , when I told him to look at Rotherham politics webpage he told me it’s all lies on there anyway and walked off ….. Glynn you know know who I am and I’m disgusted that you represent me


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