Another way of looking at the serving Labour Councillors

Another way of looking at the Labour Councillors, would be to list them in order of first election to the Council. So I thought I would take on that little challenge and below is the resulting information.

This reveals much about the current crop:

Name Year first elected
Positively Prehistoric
Jennifer Whysall 1978
Gerald Smith 1979
The Garvin Reed Years
Ken Wyatt 1985
Glyn Whelbourn 1988
Maggi Clark 1990
Alan Gosling 1991
Sue Ellis 1995
Alan Atkin 1996
Shaukat Ali* 1998
Ann Russell 1998
Lyndsay Johston 1999
The Years of cover-up and denial
Amy Rushforth 2000
Josephine Burton 2002
Dave Pickering 2002
Jane Hamilton 2004
Rose McNeeley 2004
Darren Hughes 2008
Kath Sims 2008
Simon Tweed 2008
Alan Buckley 2010
Brian Steele 2010
Christine Beaumont 2011
Dominic Beck 2011
Lyndsay Pitchley 2011
Chris Read 2011
Andrew Roddison 2011
Shabana Ahmed 2012
Lauren Astbury 2012
Maggie Godfrey 2012
Emma Hoddinott 2012
Denise Lelliot 2012
Chris Robinson 2012
David Roche 2012
Emma Wallis 2012
Gordon Watson 2012
Post revelation still stuck ‘in the headlights’
Stuart Sansome 2014
Saghir Alam 2015
Jayne Elliot 2015
Simon Evans 2015
Ian Jones 2015
Tajamal Khan 2015
Jeanette Mallinder 2015
Richard Price 2015
Eve Rose 2015
Jon Rosling 2015
Robert Taylor 2015
Taiba Yasseen 2015

Note*: Currently suspended from the Labour Party.

If readers have views on the suitability of any of these, as candidates for next May’s ‘all out’ local government elections, please leave them as comments, or email Rik directly, thanks.

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3 thoughts on “Another way of looking at the serving Labour Councillors

  1. Whilst in no way detracting from the decades of service and dedication to their community there must be an issue of possible stagnation within a local authority.
    Perhaps a good rule would be that no elected member can be in office for more than two consecutive terms, with a gaps of at least term before being eligible for re-election.


  2. Yu are having a laugh “decades of dedication and service” . A lot of them have presided over the ruin of this town and have not listened to the concerns of the populace. I am beginning to believe that councils should not be run on a party political basis but adopt a non political individual approach when appealing for the public vote. Having said that I will be voting UKIP at the next election.
    Richard Allen


  3. What, and stop their lucrative income. Not one of these is capable of earning the amount of money they are paid for being Rotherham Councillors!


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