Some assistance to Labour?

In Labour’s version of the balloon game, we start with those councillors who have been there, for many scandals now! In an attempt to assist Labour in it’s due-diligence, when applied to the selection of next years candidates, I publish below the first in a series, focusing on the existing cohort.

These survivors of a bygone era and many previous scandals? surely must be too toxic and ‘not fit for purpose’ for them, to even contemplate running any of them as candidates next May?

Name Year first elected
Positively Prehistoric
Jennifer Whysall 1978
Gerald Smith 1979
Joined RMBC during the Garvin Reed years and had a ringside seat for all the failures from the Anti-poverty forum debacle, to the CSE scandal and all  those others in between. Judged ‘Not fit for purpose’ by Casey.
Ken Wyatt 1985
Glyn Whelbourn 1988
Maggi Clark 1990
Alan Gosling 1991
Sue Ellis 1995
Alan Atkin 1996
Shaukat Ali* 1998
Ann Russell 1998
Lyndsay Johnston 1999

Note*: Shaukat Ali currently suspended from the Labour Party.

The name Chris Mallender is familiar to this cohort of current councillors, see:

Private Eye. Fresh tales of woe from Corby

3 thoughts on “Some assistance to Labour?

  1. I think this could be a misleading in some cases. Not all of these were on the Council for the whole period. Not doubting the dates that they were first elected, but some left the Council by their own chose or the voters, and had a gap of some years before they were re-elected.

    According to the Council’s website, Maggi Clark was on the council from 1990 to 2002, and was elected back onto the council in 2012. So she wasn’t there for the period when the CSE stuff was being covered up. As I say, a bit misleading in some cases.


    • Not misleading at all! This bunch will have had to sell their souls to Labour Group and Garvin Reed to have been a candidate. That is the issue I was referring to. During any period off the Council, did they not attend any meetings?


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