South Yorkshire police slammed over woman ‘raped for being not Muslim enough’

South Yorkshire police slammed over woman ‘raped for being not Muslim enough’

A YORKSHIRE police force has been criticised by a watchdog for a string of failures in its handling of a woman’s claims of being raped by her violent Asian ex boyfriend for “not behaving Muslim enough”.

The Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) has found South Yorkshire Police’s response to the woman’s multiple reports of being attacked, beaten, threatened, stalked and degraded “did not reach the standard a reasonable person would expect”.

The senior commissioner leading the investigation said today the woman had been “let down badly”.

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4 thoughts on “South Yorkshire police slammed over woman ‘raped for being not Muslim enough’

    • Woody, your comment re falling crime figures are because the police don’t file them is completely and utterly wrong. It is your comment which is a disgrace.
      The reason crime figures are falling is because a) the 101 telephone reporting system is not fit for purpose (The Home Offices fault) b) the public don’t report as many crimes as they did because they know there are NO Police Officers to deal with them. (The Home Offices fault) and c) The Home Office have altered the way many crimes are recorded (To suit their own purpose)
      It is the Home Office which is not fit for purpose, it is run by a stupid woman who has a vendetta against the police and no one knows why. She has decimated the whole of the police service and all its support services throughout this country to a point where the public are in grave danger. She has denied this but time will tell!!
      None of these reasons are the fault of SYP!


  1. There’s certainly something wrong when a serving police officer is allowed to be chairman of a Mosque where the Imam is sexually abusing children and the Mosques council finances him to escape justice. How sick is that!
    This, to me, just proves that Islam and all its culture has too much power in this country. It is corrupt, it is abusive, it is evil and has no place in British society. The sooner the Government get to grips with this problem the better.


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