local labour admit hypocrisy and contempt for its own!

local labour admit hypocrisy
and contempt for its own

The BBC Sunday Politics programme, Yorkshire, 18 October 2015

This morning the decent people of South Yorkshire, many of whom once voted Labour, heard for themselves the confirmation that the local labour leaders hold their electorate in sheer and utter contempt.

When asked to explain the fiasco of the u-turn over an elected executive mayor for the region, as part of the bribe for money and powers that we should have anyway and without the imposed mayoral condition that devolves dictatorship not democracy, that paragon of labour loyalty, Angela Smith, who could not bring herself to vote in favour of her democratically elected leader, confirmed what we already knew:-

Firstly reinforcing the fact that ‘the deal is done’, which contradicts what is repeatedly being said by labour in Sheffield, who wrongly claim that the elected executive mayor issue and its associated thirty pieces of silver is a proposal; Angela Smith said:

“That’s the compromise deal we have made with government.”

So there we have it.

The local labour party, disloyal to their leader, has betrayed its principles and betrayed the trust of its electorate.

The ONLY conclusion is that, locally, labour cannot be trusted, and not a single word of whatever local labour says can ever be believed.

Perhaps the genuine and sincere members of The Labour Party should take back power and expunge those who have repeatedly shown that they have no respect for democracy, or for their electorate, or for their leader, and have even abandoned their humanity.


So, Julie Dore says that NO DEAL has been done ! ! !


6 thoughts on “local labour admit hypocrisy and contempt for its own!

  1. Labour did not want Elected Mayors, yet the Sheffield City Region proposal clearly says they will have to have one. It seems that RMBC are very keen for all the extra funding and powers, but seem to be trying to circumnavigate the “mayor” issue. No doubt they will sell their souls and say “we were forced to have one”. The use of the term “U turn” is now obsolete, its now called a “JEZZA”.


  2. Actually the devolution deal remains a proposal until it has been formally approved by all of the Councils in the Sheffield City Region. One wonders why the Member of Parliament quoted is choosing to take a different line from the Council Leaders who actually undertook the negotiations.


    • Whilst I expect that we will end up with a single directly elected mayor for the overall region, and I’m frankly not sure what the problem with that is, the pdf you linked to – dated 8 October describes a proposal not a done deal.
      “The devolution proposal and all levels of funding are subject to the Spending Review and Sheffield City Region consulting on the proposals and ratification from the local authorities.”
      (If we are going to have a mayor like what London has, can we have a public tansport system like what London has – it works a damn sight better than what we’ve got now? )


  3. There is nowhere to hide . . . resignations must follow

    More proof that the decent people of our region have been sold out
    – – – – – – – – – –
    Greg Clarke. Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government response to a question on the Devolution bill:

    If the Rt. Hon. studies the bill he will see there is no ability for me to impose a mayor on authorities of the NE (a representative of which he was addressing). They are entirely at liberty not to accept that form of governance if they do not want it. – Hansard (Citation HC Deb. 14th October. 2015 c328)

    Jon Trickett – Shadow Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government.

    Leaders of Sheffield tell me that as a condition of devolution they are now required to accept something their own electorate rejected. That is triply wrong when the government continue to impose this single model of governance even though they do not have the legal power to do so.

    In the ‘other place’ a critical amendment was passed that decoupled the imposition of mayors in urban areas from devolution deals. I was disappointed that the Secretary of State did not in his speech have the grace to say that the government will now accept this amendment, which was backed by all parties, including many distinguished Conservative peers. – Hansard source. (Citation H.C Deb.14th October 2015 c338)

    Jon Trickett (as above)

    I have spoken to council leaders in Sth. Yorkshire and they have told me this deal is being imposed on them. (Hansard source – Citation H.C Deb. 14th October 2015 c341)
    – – – – – – – –
    Those that refuse to place their trust in those that trusted them with their vote have no right to govern over the people they have betrayed. If there was a shred of decency within the labour party there would be resignations.


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