Mosques and Openness

The role of Rotherham’s  Mosques in recent years has not been seen to be honourable, and they can seem to the least holy of holy places. Often slow to comment on child sexual exploitation within their community, they seem keener to put their head in the sand than to confront the criminals in their community.

They have been associated with dodgy planning decisions, organised bullying and too many of their elders have appeared to be shady characters.

Family feuds among the elders have spilled into local politics over issues relevant to Mirpur not Rotherham, and even when the streets have been taken over by violent warring groups they have failed to comment, never mind admonish them.

It is in this context that we have allegations of sexual abuse by an Iman at Tooker Road Mosque and a cover up by the Council of Mosques.  One that included buying the clerics house and help him avoid justice by fleeing to Mirpur.

Now neither I nor the vast majority of readers know the truth of it, and evidence is yet to be fully forthcoming.

However, what helps such matters fester and be used by the racists is the tendency of the Mirpuri elders and leaders to clam up and hope it will all go away.

It doesn’t,  and given the presence of the National Crime Agency here in Rotherham even local clout won’t help in the long run.

They should note that those VIP who have rebuilt their honour after false allegation of child sex scandals (e.g. Paul Gambaccini, Leon Brittan &  Lord McAlpine) have themselves with friends and spokespeople been prepared to acknowledge the allegations, and publicly deny them.

Not hide away and allow malicious gossip to fester, as appears to be the policy of the Council of Mosques. If innocent they should be publicly denying all such allegations and refer them the Police.

I have immense sympathy for Muslims in the current wave of racist attacks nationally, and recently here in Rotherham. The danger is to real people, and is to be condemned. The far right, bigoted racists have to be countered by the truth and firm application of the law.

Everyone need remember that protection from fascism, racism and bullying can only come from an open society, with democracy and strict adherence to the law.

Lest we forget though, justice has to be a two way street.

Mary B Josephs

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12 thoughts on “Mosques and Openness

    • Mary, is as entitled to her opinion, as you are. Does it bother you that she is of the female gender?
      As for nonsense, would that be the same kind of nonsense involved, in promulgating the mythological nature of CSE?
      Were this post nonsense, I doubt you would have responded so speedily?


  1. Obviously my being a woman is a problem for some, maybe Anonymous thinks I may be the type who would go to the Police if assaulted.

    Speak to a lot of Mirpuri young people and they tell you that the clan elders are living half in the past and half in Mirpur, they offer nothing for the future of their young who want to have pride in their past but live in the present.

    The local Mosques have lost contact with their God, many might as well be performing zumba as salah. for all the relationship they have in addresing their god.

    For most on the elders being on Mosque Councils is like becoming a Town Councillor. Just a tick in the box of building personal power and wealth, using the power to enrich their own family, and oppress others.

    They bring in uneducated Imam from the villages of Mirpur to rubber stamp their corruption, and to blame them when their young men turn to crime. Remember when Naz Ahmed blamed the imam for CSE? Like blaming a dead sheep.

    It is making some young Muslims, women especially, look back in history to the early days of Islam when women had a degree of equality. They read about Khadija, Mohammed’s first wife; an educated wealthy business woman who supported him financially and to whom he showed great respect.

    The Mirpuri elders are a long way from the teachings of Islam. and the way most women are treated is a diabolic corruption.

    Suggest anonymous reads although again, it’s written by a woman.

    Mary B


  2. Mary, whilst I agree with most of your comments on the mirpuri community, i just need to point out to you and other readers about a common misconception by cristians or indigenous English folk. The Muslim God (Allah) is exactly the same as your God and no different. Obviously Arab people don’t speak English and thus don’t refer to Allah as God, so the Arabic name for God is Allah. So when you refer to Muslims losing contact with ‘their ‘ God, you are refer to the same one and only Devine creator which none Muslims also belief in (or don’t in some cases). How you know this fact about Muslims losing faith in God baffles me? What a wide speaking comment which cannot be corroborated. People have opinions and I respect that, people and the media have agendas and I know about that. Lets just stick to the facts rarther than making general wide sweeping comments, we can all make slanderous comments about each others religions, since there’s good and bad on all communities and religions. Correct me if I am wrong, but didn’t the Pope appologies for the sexual abusive suffered by many victims after many years of such allegations being made, why did the Christians and the Pope not speak and appologise for these crimes earlier?
    On the one hand you talk about mosques condeming CSE and on the other post you talk about how the mosques have no connection with the community?
    I agree there is an issue within the mirpuri community and this will need addressing, but indirect pointing of the finger towards the religion or the community which the vast majority are law abiding and inoccent makes this ideal propaganda for the far right and makes you no better than them in spreading hatred.


  3. Furthermore, if there is underhandness or crime taking place in this community or mosques as you have made out, I am pretty sure that the NCA and the Police are more than adequately equipped to deal with such matters, I don’t think Roth pol or its fan base will bring any successful prosecutions. So any meaningful evidence please pass it onto the relevant agencies to deal with.


  4. To UTM (and no doubt others),

    I find your comments incredible, in the literal sense of lacking credibility, primarily because you misrepresent the article to a point that is wilful.

    Where did it say ” Muslims -are losing faith in God?” Show me where it made “slanderous comments about [each] others religions?” Where did it say “Mosques have no connection with the community?”

    What it did said was that misogyny, age and an attachment to Mirpur among the elders is “making some young Muslims, women especially, look back in history to the early days of Islam when women had a degree of equality.” Explain why you misrepresented that phrase? For if you bother to google a little you will find numerous articles by Muslim commentators saying much stronger things about failures within the Mosques.

    Reading things and representing them properly is very important, and your brand of leftish sentimental bigotry is part of the reason why crime has gone unpunished and victims unsupported. Being honest I suspect you are one of the not very bright apologists who have attached themselves to Mahroof and Akhtar and co. And are pulled out every now and again as token white people to maintain the myth that CSE in Rotherham was not so heavily concentrated and within the Mirpuri men.

    I refer to this suspicion because of your ludicrous statement the….

    “If there is underhandness or crime taking place in this community or mosques as you have made out, I am pretty sure that the NCA and the Police are more than adequately equipped to deal with such matters”

    Have you not read Jay, or Casey, the HIMIC reports into the South Yorkshire Police? Nor dozens of reports by investigative journalists. Don’t you ask why alleged criminals were not brought to Court for crimes committed years ago? Do you presume that without public opinion the current work by the NCA will necessarily continue as the bills mount

    When political correctness means that sensitivity overrides the truth it becomes very dangerous, Ask the victims.

    Basically what you are saying is anyone who is white, criticizes the Mosques and the doesnt have faith in the Police is racist..

    Shame on you.


  5. “The local Mosques have lost contact with their God, many might as well be performing zumba as salah. for all the relationship they have in addresing their god.”

    and your evidence is?

    shame you have tor resort to a cheap shot relating to matters of prayer, which, shock horror!, might be something genuine worshippers hold dear..

    i didn’t overly disagree with the chunk of your article but the above comment highlighted was poor and unnecssary. would others’ religious practice be denigrated equivalent to practising zumba?


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