Don’t miss File on 4 – Tonight at 8pm

Like other steel communities, Rotherham faces the loss of hundreds of jobs following the recent announcement of redundancies at the local plant. It’s the latest blow to a town now synonymous with widespread child grooming. Last year the Jay Report estimated that 1400 young people had been sexually abused there. It said most of the victims were white and most of the perpetrators were Asian men. So what’s been the impact on community relations and how far has the scandal affected the local economy? For File on 4, Manveen Rana returns to the town to talk to families, business owners and the authorities to find out whether Rotherham can recover.
Producer: Sally Chesworth.

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2 thoughts on “Don’t miss File on 4 – Tonight at 8pm

  1. The mayor says she believes in freedom of speech etc .. and wants the marches banned does that work then ..surely its one or the other ….. and as for the one wish that she would like … why not wish that all the filthy paedophile scum and the people who turned a blind eye to their crimes were brought to justice and then maybe these groups would not come to Rotherham …Interesting what Sarah Champion said .


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