Jayne Senior – Women of the Year – Outstanding Achievement Award!

Rotherham abuse whistleblower wins Women of the Year award

The woman who played a key role in exposing the Rotherham grooming scandal has won recognition for her ‘extraordinary bravery’.

Jayne Senior was given an Outstanding Achievement Award at the Good Housekeeping Women of the Year awards in London.

She ran the Risky Business outreach service in Rotherham and after police and the local council failed to take action against abusers, worked with Times journalist Andrew Norfolk to expose the scandal.


17 thoughts on “Jayne Senior – Women of the Year – Outstanding Achievement Award!

  1. Brilliantly done Jane, and well deserved. A true Rothehram hero.

    Need I remind readers how shabbily she was treated during last years Labour Party Council Selection process?

    On the day of Boston Castle’s selection meeting she was down in London with Sarah Champion at Number 10, campaigning for more dosh to support victims of CSE. Something that led to the town gaining a million or so pounds of government cash.

    Due to concerns about delays to trains returning from London, she asked in advance if the Meeting would consider her written submission should she be delayed.

    This is fairly standard request and normally accepted. Yet in her case, along with someone on holiday, it was rejected. Really, a clear insult.

    Cllr Kath Syms, an observer at the meeting gleefully refused the right to speak someone wanting to represent Jane’s case. She quoted precedent and rules, failing to note the irony that she had already allowed someone to speak on behalf of the person absent due to being on holiday.

    Kath Syms contempt for Jane and her ally Sarah Champion verges on the hysterical.

    Of course it was a woman only seat, and the selection already set up for Taieba, and even with a guaranteed majority they were stil so mean as to reject her request.

    In fact she did get back on time, to the ignominy of receiving only two or three votes.

    Regular readers will remember this as the selection meeting where, when Dazza Hughes had a roll call of members, two answered to the same name. Then when he tried a different approach the two with the “same name” suddenly gave completely different ones. They did not check membership cards.

    She never said so, but I suspect the rudeness and the fix is why Jane withdrew her application for other Wards in Rotherham.

    We must hope she renews it for 2016….if she doesn’t it will be Rotherham and Labour’s loss



    • Thanks Wil, I wasn’t aware of much of that.
      In a different part of UK the Labour party would be celebrating when someone like Ms Senior was offered themselves up for selection.


    • Well done jane on this marvellous achievement.

      If true, I am saddened that you were subjected to this type of conduct by the party. Its not acceptable.As a member, accept my apology

      I believe you would be an asset to rebuilding the reputation of the Council; and ensuring those who failed all the CSE victims and families are held to account and face justice.
      Only then can we truely move on.


  2. This woman will be remembered for something grand. A wonderful legacy for her family and what it means to be truly human. What will some of the council members be remembered for ?


  3. Do we really know the truth about this way did it take so long to whisleblow don’t forget the victims and families that could of been saved if the staff of risky business and council staff had put this right earliier.Ask the families and victims about this award it is like the award that the council received from the national working group.We need to wait until the whole truth comes out before we give any awards to anybody.The risky business staff were not sacked the new multi agency needed to be social work led with some youth workers and other agencies on board the ones that left took their redundancy.


  4. I have made a complaint about Cllr Simms to the Standards Committee, she failed to make a declaration of Interest and failed to put a Committee into Confidential session as required to do so by Law. Don`t hold your breath.


  5. Agree absolutely with the positive comments about Emma Wallis. She has championed the CSE victims, attacked prejudice and misogyny within the Labour group. Even in the face of political and personal dangers.

    If she has a problem it is her innate loyalty to Labour Group whip, preferring rightly or wrongly to work within the system.

    Otherwise she would have the high profile of some other champions.


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