Labour’s Campaign Update

Fresh of the press is this email being circulated amongst Labour Party members in Rotherham.

Rotherham Campaign Update


Hope you’re well!

As the Local Organiser in Rotherham, I wanted to invite you to our Team Fightback day on Saturday 24th October.  The loss at the General Election was disappointing to many, but we have a brand new fight ahead of us.  These are very exciting times for our party- we have a brand new leadership team and we have seen thousands of new members join our movement.

In Rotherham next May, there will be all out elections, which means Labour will have to fight for 63 seats across the borough.  We need to use the energy and momentum from the leadership election, engage with people on the ground and build up a grassroots movement.

To do this, we need your help. If you’ve never campaigned before- don’t worry- there will plenty of support and training on the day.

Please see details of current campaigning days below:

Team Fightback–  Saturday 24th October 10.30am- 3pm.  Campaigning in Rotherham West, Keppel and Wingfield. We’ll be launching our campaign to protect police services!
Meeting Point: St John’s Green Community Centre, Kimberworth Park, S61 3JL
Lunch is on us!

Additional Campaigning Dates for your diary!

Wickersley Ward- Sunday 25th October 11am
Meeting Point: Masons Arms Car Park, Bawtry Road, S66 1JY.
Plenty of leaflet delivery rounds available!

Boston Castle Ward- Wednesday 28th October 4.30pm
Meeting Point: Outside 69 Gilberthorpe Street, S65 2TL

Wingfield Ward- Sunday 1st November 11am
Meeting Point: Outside Co-op, Fenton Rd, Greasbrough, S61 4RD

Maltby Ward- Saturday 7th November at 10.30 am
Meeting Point: Outside Charles Foster Centre, Woodland Gardens off Dunns Dale, S66 7NW

Other Events

If you can’t attend the campaign days above,  pop along to Wales’s wards fundraiser for a Raffle, cakes and a chat! All proceeds will go towards fighting the 2016 local elections.
Wales Branch Fundraiser  on 7th November, 11am 
Meeting at: 30 Worksop Road, Thorpe Salvin, Worksop, Nottinghamshire, S80 3JU
I hope to see you soon.

If you have any questions in the meantime, please get in touch.


Local Organiser


8 thoughts on “Labour’s Campaign Update

  1. “Fightback”
    What or who are they fighting back against?
    Their own stupidity and PC incompetence that ignored the pleas of rape victims and vilified many victims for years.
    They need to be up front and very public about how they select candidates and have exhaustive background checks. The old way of selecting a mate of a pal of a chum of a crony got them in the crap.
    I abandoned support for Labour 25 years ago and have no party affiliations any more.


  2. Maybe some tansparency and honesty would go a long way to making rmbc councillors believeable we are forever being told we must have cuts to our services, maybe if the council told peoplethey pay almost £29 million a year servicing a debt of £478 million pounds with nothing being paid of in the past when they could have reduced the capital sum they canot blame any other party this is labour’s doing thisdebt is with us for many years to come some of it though not much is historical from the time this was the west riding. Then we have the local plan where some councillors put a letter of objection on a website but when it comes to the council meeting they vote for it somewhat double standards so lets be open about things and while we are at it area assembly chairpersons should remember they are answerable to anyone who asks a question


  3. Reminds me of the dead duck Rotherham Renaissance plan a few years ago…..the Labour lot couldn’t organise a booze up in a brewery. They spent many thousands on consultants who were conning Council’s with the same “renaissance ” plans …..only to lead us into the CSE scandal …….not to mention the “Rotherham Gateways” now exemplified by the messes at Eastwood and Masbro. If ever a Council deserved dumping it’s Labour controlled RMBC. Fightback ??…….don’t make me laugh.


  4. “to protect Police Services” HOME GOAL AGAIN. Is it not our very own Labour Police and crime commissioner, Dr Billings who is “slashing” our Police services.
    Very sad to see there is no “Team Fightback” coming to Anston, have they given up the ghost. Please come and visit us, we may want to organise a reception party for you, we have not seen head nor tail of Cllr Burton and Cllr Taylor ( who just happens to live at Aston) all year. The people of Anston want to ask why you both vote to build on our precious Greenbelt.


  5. Anston councillors are not the only ones to vote to build on greenbelt land we have Maltby councillors who have done the same it shows that LABOUR controlled RMBC still have no thought for their constituents there must be plenty of other sites in the borough to build on or is there something they are not telling us


  6. if as anon is implying there is some skulduggery going on why are such things still happening what is the point of the commissioners being here lets have the TRUTH or is that asking to much of this LABOUR dominated council


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