What is Momentum, and why is it worrying Labour MPs?

What is Momentum, and why is it worrying Labour MPs?

Momentum, the grassroots organisation set up in the wake of Jeremy Corbyn’s election victory, has caused panic in the ranks of the Parliamentary Labour Party.

Many Labour MPs view it as a party within a party; a front for the far-left; a vehicle for ousting those opposed to the Corbyn revolution.

So who are Momentum and what do they want?

I went to meet a group of Momentum supporters in Brixton.

They don’t easily fit the hard-left stereotype.

There was not a Trotskyite beard to be seen. No one tried to sell me a newspaper.

What Steve, Samira, Nadine and Roland have in common is an enthusiasm fired by Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership campaign.

They are Corbyn’s foot soldiers.


Other Labour Party Organisations:



1 thought on “What is Momentum, and why is it worrying Labour MPs?

  1. Far as CSE goes they’ll be True Believers, willing dupes in the “Nick”, “Darren”, “Jane”, “David”, Chris Fay, Esther Baker, Tom Watson circus act.

    Far as the Rotherham model CSE epidemic goes(which actually exists), that doesn’t compute; wrong type of victims, wrong type of perpetrators; different wavelength; lot of them will think it’s all “racist bollocks” anyway



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