Rotherham Muslim group refuses to co-operate with South Yorkshire Police and threatens to abandon any Muslim that does

DEMONISED, OSTRICISED, VICTIMISED: Rotherham Muslim group refuses to co-operate with South Yorkshire Police and threatens to abandon any Muslim that does

I’m not sure who is advising British Muslim Youth in Rotherham, but last night they inflicted significant damage upon their own reputation, and now risk bringing Rotherham’s entire Muslim community into disrepute.

A statement made yesterday made it clear that the group, whose slogan is: ‘those of peace, harmony unity and tolerance’ has pulled down the shutters on the law, refusing to co-operate with South Yorkshire Police.

Police seek talks following Rotherham Muslim boycott

Police are seeking urgent talks with leaders of Rotherham’s Muslim community over a boycott of the force.

Rotherham Muslim Community Forum Alliance (RMCFA) announced it would “cut all lines of engagement” with South Yorkshire Police from Monday.

Force Ch Supt Jason Harwin said he was “surprised” that the issues had not been raised before.

19 thoughts on “Rotherham Muslim group refuses to co-operate with South Yorkshire Police and threatens to abandon any Muslim that does

  1. im no major fan of muhbeen and his friends’ little circle trying to be famous and community leaders out of nowhere but baffled by how they’ve come to this decision – a, big decision affecting all of the Muslim community – without a democratic vote? Surely their finances and uncle Mahroof’s budget would have helped with a paper vote. Also no details of meetings with SYP to try and formalise their concerns or with any councillors. There was the sad murder of Mushin Ahmed and the attacks on Asian taxi drivers and a autistic kid beaten up so there is some justification in raising the police’s response to these incidents but a boycott without the mandate of the community and no democratic process worries me.


    • Was death of the old man a racist attack, wasn’t that lad spitting and been racist towards shoppers before someone dropped him. Is there any proof the attack on taxi driver was a race crime?


    • Shouldn’t the local Councillars, properly elected by democratic votes and therefore encharged with a mandate to speak on behalf of the community, not these self styled rabble rousers, with inflated ego of self importance, be the ones to address the concerns of the communtiy to the authorities. The inclusion of the Mosques is a great mistake as the past has shown us that these people really do not now what is going on in their own communities. After all they didn’t know that their own members were abusing innocent white children.

      Why are we given credence to this group, led by this clown, who surpposendly speaks for the few (3%), what about the other 97%?. Is it only the Pakistani community that has concerns about the aftermath of CSE. If there is a meeting, then perhaps they should be ask to devulge the names of the 300 criminals responsible for this problem.


  2. i’ve read that star editorial piece and alerted to the threat to the muslim groups who do liaise with SYP and I just think they’ve completely shot themselves in the foot. Alienating people within the community, poor move by BMY and their press officer, Vakas, needs to find a new job. Any press officer writing that would have double and triple checked how it looked to the readers.


  3. Totally agree with Anonwhymous-what a complete disaterous stance by this group and leader of Mosques in Rotherham.The fact that there is a relationshiup to the biggest fly in the ointment of this town and this community to this created group bis a bis ex deputy leader-should warn us that this tactic of-raising the anti stakes of not addressing the serious issue of the CSE -will be seen by many -that ‘He doth protest too much’. And the obvious question that will be asked -is On whose behalf?

    Their close association with the SWp under the guise of UAF may have stirred them up into a numbers game of challenging the Far Right invasion of our town and also I can appreciate the anger that these Far right groups are trying to create and promote their racist ideology on the back of the CSE issue. that confronts Rotherham and other towns and cities.

    Because if the Far Right groups -were seriously concerned about sexual abuse and Paedophillia -they would be marching against sexual abuse -but they are manipulating the CSE issue in Rotherham and other places to promote their racist views. Yet to hear the Far Right condemn or march in believe Bristol- for the recent and what the judge called -the most horrific pictures and abuse carried out by 6 all white Paedophiles- towards babies and young children -he had ever viewed.

    But for the newly created group of muslim Youth I believe and the leader of Mosques in Rotherham- who spoke on this stance on Look North – to then take the stance of challenging legal enquiry to out the perpetrators- that are still at large -will be seen as a form of Cover Up -big time. The odinary decent folk that belong to these groups need to unseat the chaor of this group and its executive committee -and also need to rethink out -not only not to be seen to be a part of this conniving cover to not allow due process-but in fact to be seen to do the opposite -to fully out those in their community that were involved. in this gorrific CSE issue in our town All trhe perpetrators need outing-now!!!!

    But also the white community needs to challenge and stop the sexism and abuse that is carrioed out in less public places as Clifton Park or Boston castle or in cars or certain – takeaways, but in their own housing estates -pub areas.Though it may not be as orchestrated as the Pakistani heritage attrocities -it still happens. We as a society should stop the denigration of females as just sexual objects. We also need to end exploitation of women and children and in some cases male on male or female on female sexual or abusive treatment by word or deed.


    • Tension and concerns could be greatly reduced, if the Police were seen to be doing their job, more quickly. Also the IPC, needs to get a move on.


  4. Jason Harwin makes an unedifying spectacle of himself, chasing around after this group of criminal apologists, does he not? We want the law applied equally across communities, not as now, with the Chief Superintendent fawning over this group! Time for some backbone?


    • Totally agree I am a Muslim young man and live in a democratic society, this little idiot Mubeen, clone of Mahroof does not represent me or my family, how dare he think he is the voice of all Muslims, the little upstart. tHe police give him too much attention and run after then like lap dogs rather then investigating crimes against children which is still going on.


  5. This group, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Jahangir Akhtar. The police have arrested some of the Kashmiris’ and this is designed to teach the police a lesson so that, they at least, are once again ‘fixed’ and in denial?


  6. Hmmm…

    Seems BMY announced it on behalf of RMCFA? Assume latter were not confident in its media handling so let BMY take over? again as noted, not fully sure the process this has come to. sure if they discussed with councillors on a broader level, before making this move, they would have been advised to raise it with SYP and latter have said its first time they’ve heard of the discontent which doesnt bode well.


  7. Nineteen arrests and more to come, this is the motivating factor and a naked attempt to manipulate the police! 1400 victims didn’t abuse themselves? The egregious element here is, if they co-operated with the police in the first place, there would not have been 1400 victims!


  8. Spot the difference in the attitude of ‘ Rotherham Commander’ Harwin in response to the complaints of the poor beknighted Muslims when the police have finally begun to stop ignoring their crimes, and the attitude towards the men and organisations objecting to those crimes and SYP’s mis handling of them.


  9. For me the really telling fact of this is the photo on the Muslim Youth website showing the vote taking place to boycott SYP – where are the women? This is the real problem. The Muslim community will never integrate while ever their own community is so unbalanced and out of kilter with modern British culture.


  10. Why are we surrounded by all these Muslim groups in Rotherham? The common perception of these groups is that they do not want to integrate but to dominate. Do not give them publicity in the media and they will shrivel up and blow away !


    • I used to believe in that old mantra from the Thatcher doctrine about giving certain undesirables the oxygen of publicity and then I realise that when you allow these fools to sprout their spiel, they really expose themselves as Idoits and with something to hide. If we didn’t give Muhbeen and his crew the media attention, we wouldn’t know what a barrier to change these people are and why they need to be ignored and sidestep.


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  12. Fine. It’s long past time that “community groups” were totally shut out of law enforcement and politics. The muslim community has no special policing needs; it’s subject to exactly the same laws as everyone else. If they refuse to cooperate with the police in daily business, meh. If they refuse to cooperate when an actual crime is being investigated, arrest them for obstruction.


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