Two Right Wings Facing off….British Muslim (not so) Youth

Of the course the Muslim community is unhappy, most of the lower paid communities in the UK are unhappy. For many the Country is still in their personal recession, tax credits are being attacked, something particularly bad for sole traders. There is significant unemployment especially among the young and the costs of higher education combined with low wages leave many without hope…read some of the newspapers and you’ll get the idea.

There are issues that specifically impact the Mirpuri community; racism, violence and bigotry being awful when experienced

There are also the chronic stresses, and in the longer term even more divisive one upon young Muslims who want to live in Europe in the 21st century, not Mirpur in the 15th.

Stresses that are taking some  young people back to a purer Islam, some to westernise, some to drugs, some to crime. And yes a small number to supporting extremist groups.  Remember that those who turn to ISIS are turning their back on their own communities as well as Britain.

People reading the article by the and seeing the photographs will appreciate the inherent failing of his British Muslim Youth organisation.

Unfortunately many caring, moderate and left of centre people still don’t seem able to interpret what is happening with groups such as BMY, so I will attempt a rule of thumb analysis…

What we have is two right wing groupings facing off, in a battle of male egos and machismo to create street violence and an atmosphere of fear. Not even a step up from football violence.

One white right wing group versus one Kashmiri right wing group.

Now when I point to the usual white English groups the liberals will understand what I mean…but for placing some Kashmiri in this category some will deem me racist.

But I suggest you look to the evidence of the BMY article posted by Rotherham Politics and their own web site:

Note….not a woman in sight. I suggest all the journalist interviewing Muhbeen Hussain why that is, and can the BMY really be the future, one without women in politics?

Equally, agree that far from being Muslem Youth these seem to be the oldest swingers in town.  Did a quick count from the photo and only 1 in 5 seem to be under 25 years. They are at least misrepresenting themselves.

Where is their political manifesto? What do they stand for as an organisation, as they seem to have no vision for the peoples future , no ideology. Merely complaints and old trick of fascists and the right. See UKIP.

Many liberals will baulk on the grounds of allowing for cultural differences. But I suggest they do a little googling around the terms “women Muslim writers” and they will find plenty of voices for a liberal, socialist future. Or ”Islamic Modernism”, or the web site

My point is that even white liberals tend to be lazy, and don’t attempt to see deeper into the Mirpuri community. Simplifying all Mirpuri into one stereotype, in their case one where everyone is either good, misunderstood or persecuted.

Neither Muslims nor white liberals have to accept the groups or the Mosques in Rotherham that claim to represent them.

Time for a true Young Muslim fightback, to grab back their religion and community, to bring them into the 21st Century.

Mary B

6 thoughts on “Two Right Wings Facing off….British Muslim (not so) Youth

  1. Excellect piece, however it can be simplified as an community, which has been finally exposed as not being as pure, as I would have others believe. When an animal and am using the term literally, is corner, it will strike out in self defence. It isn’t always rational, but at that particular time it seems like, the only option open to it. The same can be said of the BMY and its associates.

    What happen in Rotherham exposed the Pakistani community not only of being prolific child sex abusers and criminals, but also a community that condone such behaviour. They then tried to convince themselves and the public, that they were unaware of what was going on. Once that failed they proceeded to blames others, from the authorities, the girls and their parents. When that once again fail, they are now trying to elicit the cloak of victims. The hate, which they feel is befalling them, is entirely of there own making. They have not address the issue, esponged it or even attempted to help the authorities, but giving any information, which would lead to the arrest, prosecution and enprisonment of these vile creatures, amongst their own communtiy. They are protecting their own.

    As for the Liberal lot, there only interest in this matter, was the constant votes, from this community, which they were prepared to sacrifice their so call high ideals in equality for all.

    If the Pakistani community is feeling so unbeloved, it is of their own making and nobody should give a damn or feel sorry for them.


  2. so its one white, right wing group vs bmy? BMY are right wing on the basis of what? one incident in wellgate, protest rallys? im no bmy fan but important to try and keep debate fair. a right wing group disseminates incorrect information to demonise a community, something to be fair, ive not seen bmy do


    • Whether they are Right way or not, they are not helping the situation with this silly boycott, in fact all they are doing is causing more polarisation in the community.


    • Try watching muppets speech in all saints square. Stirring up racial tensions with his lies about old man, his lies about rise in islamaphobia. Look on their Facebook page full of racists and threats to anyone who questions them.


  3. Anonwhymous,,
    Having read their web site the indicators of fascism are there….questions for them to answer to prove otherwise;

    1 who and how is it managed, and who do they recruit? .Are there elections, committees, a constitution or even a rule book to provide accountability, structure, openness and transparency? Can’t find anything on their web site.

    2. Who made the decision to boycot the Police? Were the people in the photographed elected from the community or the Mosques? Doesn’t say anywhere on the web site.

    3. Women make up 50% of the population, so how come non attended the meeting which claims it made a community decision to boycot the Police? Indeed how can a group in the UK claim any relationship with democracy when it doesn’t involve women? Not even even the female Councillors? Oh, and I mean more than one or two tokens.

    4. Did the Mosque Councils support this decisions?

    5. How will BMY monitor and police compliance with this decision?What will they do to anyone who doesn’t want to comply?

    Happy to be proven wrong, but isn’t this a copy of what Asbo and Moofy did to build power…cause some trouble, run to the head of a gang and then negotiate oneself onto a committee or two before climbing the greasy pole of power?

    Tell me who elected Muhbeen Hussain and you will reveal his family, mates and a few bully boys.

    British Muslim Youth? I am contemptuous, they don’t even represent Rotherham Muslim Youth, never mind British MY.

    Being frank, it is the usual gang of wasters and bullies who disgrace Islam, their families and community. Bit this time mainly worried about ending up in jail, hence the anti police rubbish.

    Wuff wuff.


    • @ Wuff Justice

      I agree with the points you make, clear there’s no transparency but unfortunately, I as a Muslim from Rotherham could easily set up a website with a title relating to Muslims, then put myself forward for interviews with the media. It’s too easy. I’d actually support BMY if they had a valid, long history of community work and volunteering within the communities they claim to represent, but they don’t. Only community work they did was in their early origins, doing a litter pick up from Wellgate which is pretty much where the inner circle all live. I’m sure there are other Muslims, who volunteer their time, who could be a role model I could support. This story has been picked up and it seems it could be Muslims affected by the blowback of being seen not to be engaging with SYP on crimes and also alienated by BMY for engaging with SYP!


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