EDITOR’S COMMENT: Muslim group’s fleeting ‘boycott’ has done untold damage to Rotherham

EDITOR’S COMMENT: Muslim group’s fleeting ‘boycott’ has done untold damage to Rotherham

IT’S a good job the miners of 1984 weren’t led by Muhbeen Hussain, otherwise the strike would have been over in a heartbeat.

Mr Hussain is the founder and chairman of British Muslim Youth, the organisation which issued what I can only describe as an incendiary declaration to shut out South Yorkshire Police. Read on….


18 thoughts on “EDITOR’S COMMENT: Muslim group’s fleeting ‘boycott’ has done untold damage to Rotherham

  1. Wow as the Star finally got a backbone, has it finally realise what Muhbeen Hussian is all about. Let me get this striaght. Asian Paedophile rapists, perverse gang of depraved Asian men. Is this paper truly performing a public function of informing its readership with the truth. Not quite, it was depraved Pakistani paedophiles not Asians.


    • Good point. I have heard of no Japanese, Siberian, Mongolian, Chinese, Burmese, Thai, Vietnamese, Korean, Cambodian, Laotian, Tibetan, Nepalese etc., implicated thus far. Just those of Pakistani origin.
      Asia is a big place but it seems this curse does not have a point of origin quite that big.
      I know journalism can be imprecise with urgent copy deadlines to be met but this is a bit of a basic inaccuracy.


    • Mr Hussian and his cronies have achieved what they set out to do, that is for a community of less than 3% and one that has committed such unbelievable cruelty, againist the children of the other 97%, to once again deflect the causes of the present tensions, which have been deliberately overblown, from the root cause of these problems, the Pakistani community complicit and continue breaking of the law by committing CSE. And once again, the dimwits of the Police, Police Commissioner, Council, the press and the ever amenable bimbo of a MP , Sarah Champion, have fell for it, hook line and sinker.

      If these ,people have truly read the Jay & Casey reports, it clearly states that a small, highly manliputive, unrepresentative group of people, within this Pakistani community, would subvert anything they thought, would tarnish their race. They have never admitted that there was a problem or attempted to solve it or will they ever confront this disease within their community.

      If Mr Hussian or any other Pakistani groups, associated with this boycott are recieving any form of Public funding , it should be immediately removed and any co operation with these group curtail. It is not the majority that should conform , it is this minority.


      • yes that is very true the class distinction has not been left in Pakistan the Rajas will be in the background though not all the Jatts are inbred but they have much influence on our council


      • Whats the demoghraphic breakdown of rotherhams pakistanis,Are there any pathans or punjabis in rotherham.And do all the mirpuris in rotherham belong to jatt clan or are there any who are bains rajput.


  2. Wow. Credit to the editor and Muhbeen needs to fire his PR officer who just happens to be his brother because that interview with the editor of the Star would have been a good PR move to get everything out in the open but he was fearful of being challenged of some of the claims in his original statement from BMY. I bet he regrets the boycott purely because the timing – new arrests in CSE yesterday and I imagine that’s played a part in “negotiations”. Negotiations but meetings which should have happened behind closed doors to try and formalise it and go to the press as a last resort but now, many Muslims (like me and others) who have nothing to do with them, will be smeared with “Oh, you don’t want to engage with the cops!” I very much doubt these steps agreed will lead to anything fruitful.


  3. When are we going to hear from the three amigos champion healy and barron about this kind of rhetoric, if I choose to make a statement like this it would be considered racist. And where is Lord Ahmed when all this is going on or Akhtar have they left the country like the imam who allegedly abused children and seems to have fled the country, enough is enough they either live by our laws and way of life or put up and shut up


  4. you need to wait for the court cases to be held ,Lord Ahmed will be in London Muhbeen making waves in Doncaster and Akhtar letting his relation keep claiming expenses while under the guise of the saviour of Rotherham there are many guilty people walking the streets feeling very smug and safe at the moment but they may own the council and the media they don’t own free speech in the courts


  5. Rotherham Muslim Community Alliance according to the local weekly have also called off their boycott of the police, anyone know who these individuals are?

    They say that the boycott was a cry for help from the Muslim community, more like a smoke screen to try and hide the start of some very bad news stories about how criminals from within the Rotherham Pakistani community are alleged to have conducted themselves.

    An interesting question, are members of British Muslim Youth and Rotherham Muslim Community Alliance related to any of the previously convicted Pakistani child abusers or the seven accused who are about to face trial regarding allegations of historical child abuse?

    Maybe in the interest of community cohesion they would like to tell us.


  6. Using the man on the Clapham Omnibus test to this saga you would conclude that British Muslim Youth supported by the Labour MP for Rotherham and the Labour Police and Crime Commissioner have succeeded in neutralising South Yorkshire Police attempts to bring the 19 thugs to justice and now having to treat child abusers from within the Pakistani community with kid gloves.

    You can rely on one thing the Labour Party will always be on the side of those who can deliver the block community vote no matter what it takes even if it means leaving vulnerable white children to the mercy of their abusers.


  7. I firmly believe this was a deliberate tactic to stop certain Buisness persons and councillors being named this will strengthen their call for a media blackout when it comes to them being investigated and brought to justice when the light was being turned towards certain councillors they managed to divert attention to a cpl of white women this resulted on all outrage being channelled in that direction then when they were asked to give names up of the rioters and a few landlords sons were being charged they diverted the attention to the police boycott its about time the public realised that the media is being manipulated and that the media grew a pair of balls forgot about the race card and did some old fashioned investigative reporting


    • I must commend Muhbeen and those other clowns, masquerading as the voice of the beleaguered Muslim community. Funny how they lump all Muslims together for the crimes of the Pakistani’s. So doubt the same rapists are trying to pretend that this is a wider cultural problem too. The only thing they have done is remind people of their guilt. I was unaware, that these scrum were targeting the girls in schools, by using the younger Pakistani boys to befriend them. They should be watched and the intelligence passed to the Police.


  8. we should not be forgetting the councillors who still sit on the council who are still in denial that anything ever happened and is still happening, Alan Billings is very quiet about all of it and as for waiting for the trials to place the british muslim youth say their piece making it look like they were made scapegoats no answer from the police or council in return only as has been pointed out that it will be looked into. This council still has much to answer for


  9. Let’s forget all this tribal business you seem to forget where you live and what law you should follow we in the UK are from all over the UK but we have to live together as you should


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