Rotherham Muslim boycott of South Yorkshire Police ends – with new proposals agreed

Rotherham Muslim boycott of South Yorkshire Police ends – with new proposals agreed

A call for Rotherham’s Islamic community to boycott South Yorkshire Police has been dropped – two days after it was announced.

On Monday the British Muslim Youth Group in the town voted for Muslim organisations to cut all lines of communication with the force – with leader Muhbeen Hussain later saying it was a ‘desperate measure’ as police had not done enough to protect the Muslim community from racial attacks after the Rotherham child sex abuse scandal.

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32 thoughts on “Rotherham Muslim boycott of South Yorkshire Police ends – with new proposals agreed

  1. This paragraph from the Star article

    ‘Proposals include writing to the Home Secretary about the impact of hate crimes and repeated far-right marches in Rotherham as well as an independent inquiry into ‘policing tactics’ used during a march in Rotherham on September 5’.

    What about the 19 including members of the Far right and the Muslim community will they be subject to an independent inquiry?

    The reason the boycott has been called off is that in the coming weeks the public will be following the trial of the seven accused of historical sex crimes against children, would you want to be on the wrong side of public opinion when the details emerge?

    The police have been well and truly been put back in their box with the lid firmly nailed down, thank you Ms Champion for undermining SYP you must be very proud of yourself.


    • What a joke … so what they mean is …Please stop Britain first and the EDL coming to town or we will kick off again … Oh and also let us off with the wellgate incident or we will have to stop co-operating again . Well done Champion you are being played like a puppet and the police fixed again once more… J Akhtar and pals must be laughing their heads off.


  2. Have you ever notice that when the so call good leaders of the Pakistani communtiy, as confronted with their crimes, they always an offer of an insincere apology and attempt to deflect blame elsewhere. Ranging from ignorance of these crimes were being committed, unislamatic behaviour, to the authorities were to blame. Never once have they admitted something terrible had happen and that they were responsible. Always so ones else fault.

    When rumours of this abuse, started surfacing, they claim it wasn’t happening here. When the first convictions were obtain, it was an isolated incidence. When it finally came out, it was made up, exaggerated. Then it was the Council, Social Services and the Police fault. The logic being if the authorities wouldn’t stop us, then they must be giving their tacit approval for our enjoyment.

    For good measure, were blame the girls and their families. The schools for poor education. They were from poor families or in homes, so society didn’t give a damn about them anyway. Finally were espouse the moral failings of Christanity, which has allow these wayward children, and I remind you, children, to fall into the clever and morally superior clutches of us good Muslim folk. Since we are the purer faith and the only one that matters. Despite the fact we live in a multicultural, secular society, where we are supposed to respect each other. We believe it is our right to do whatever we like to other people’s children and it not be a sin or against the law.

    Now as a result of our playful and until now, condoned endeavours, we are suffering a bout of islamophobia. To which we don’t understand why this is happening, as we have done nothing wrong. The other communities have no right to be angry with us or even condemn us in any way for our transgressions. All of a sudden, for decades of them isolating themselves from the other communities, we should be all one.



    • Why will Home Secretary ban marches.
      When RMBC is for Marches and when it all kicks off the cllrs want their wages on the 28th.
      Why didn’t councillors write to the Home Secretary before the commissioners were appointed
      Could they not write a letter or had no ink.


  3. Again from the Star, comments from the towns MP, Ms Champion

    “It is completely unacceptable that my constituents, many of whom are third generation Rotherham, are too scared to go into town because of the abuse they face because they are a British Muslim.
    “No one should feel a hostage in their own home because of their faith or ethnicity.”

    Just in case you have been asleep Ms Champion many of your constituents being white have had their children sexually abused by members of the Rotherham Pakistani community, they no longer use certain taxi firms particularly those who were vocal in trying to stop the use of CCTV to protect vulnerable passengers.

    There are always two sides to a coin Ms Champion and siding with individuals who in the midst of the country’s largest child sex abuse investigation boycott the police and make threats to their own community should they engage with the police speaks volumes about your allegiances.

    For the record Ms Champion there are whole sections of your constituency who feel they are being held hostage by the actions of the minority community.

    The police should be allowed to take whatever action they need to arrest the criminals, with or without the support of the Pakistani community.

    From a previous post


    No, they would not have stopped it.


  4. The headline could be redrafted as:

    “Tiny group of nobodies claiming to speak for Rotherham Muslims with the intention to protect CSE perpetrators now called off anti-SYP campaign.”


  5. What a gem champion as turned out to be, she might as well change her faith and wear a veil and walk ten yards behind all her muslim nice to your face chaps who are pulling her strings,there’s a good girl,no get on your knees and pray,east is that way.


  6. All Pakistanis in Rotherham want to do is earn 80k and pay no tax and get benefits too. They have no interest in anything else it’s simple.


  7. The comment chris read made a few days discusting. Don’t forget the commisioners are here running RMBC you are not capable of making decisions young person


  8. On the towns MP Twitter page.

    ‘Good news Sarah I am sure with your support the Muslim Community will feel safe in Rotherham soon ‘

    Why single out the Muslim community, should we all not feel safe?


    • Only in Rotherham could a scandal break about 1400 victims of CSE by gangs of mainly Pakistani / Muslim men take place and then be turned around so the perpetrators and their supporters become the victims … and on top of this …one of our MPs seems to be after some sort of credit for sorting it for them (vote buying greasy pole climber)…The police are a joke and have lost all credibility as are our councillors .My advice to anyone who is in trouble with the police is to form a small group (size and credibility does not matter)….then act as the representative of said group and refuse to co-operate with the police until the decision goes your way …..simple …. Only in Rotherham.


  9. What do you expect when our “Police Commissioner” is an ex Labour councillor. Imagine if Rotherham’s CSE scandal had occurred in a South African town……..the police would be sorting out the scumbags big style instead of pussy- footing around them like nancy sycophants.


  10. That lasted long..

    Wonder whether the recent CSE arrest pressured BMY into ending the boycott as it’d look bad for them, PR wise, if they weren’t leading (trying to) on the issue if they had disengaged from the Police. It could have been avoidable had they initiated a dialogue to the SYP behind closed doors with the aid of Champion etc before it got to this stage. But publicity of BMY and Muhbeen will help…him.


    • If the intention of the BMY, was to raise genuine concerns on behave of the Pakistani communtiy, in regards to tensions, then this could’ve be done earlier. However this was a cynical attempt to manage bad news. This has utterly fail, however it has raise the Pakistani community continue complicate in CSE and it failure to address its root causes.

      I hope if and when this clown, Muhbeen Hussian, finally appears on the media again, he is challenge about what he and his family knew, when and what steps they have taken to inform the authorities of the Criminals. I bet he will suddenly become quiet, thank god.


      • I believe Sajid Bostan or one of Bostan brothers is married to Muhbeen’s dad Sabir’s sister. Another cousin of Sabir was acquitted in Rotherham trial of CSE where 5 men were convicted about 5 years back or so. Perhaps a well informed journalist should ask questions to Muhbeen about CSE that hit closer to home rather than allow this self -promoting publicity seeking windbag make out he is a some sort cape crusader against CSE.


  11. More bad news on the way, 11 Rotherham taxi drivers have their taxi license removed, guess which community they majority come from?

    No wonder British Muslim Youth tried the boycott stunt in an attempt to cover up a bad news week.


  12. why was Thacker sacked ? who was the real whistleblower who asked for the Jay report to be commissioned why do many of the perpitrators come from Muirper who owns what in Rotherham who have bought from the council and then rented out to others with rent paid from the council. When you could by houses from the council how many made a quick buck by getting a loan from Asains to buy there house then sold them 5 years later to the same asains who are now getting rent for them Do they have there own system of punishment why are some people not prosecuted how can you keep opening firework shops on shopping precincts under residential property
    if blue badges are being used illegally are the dla being informed


  13. Anon, what’s bad about that news? We’ve been waiting months for these filthy perverts to be banned from driving taxis. It’s now time they were behind bars or better still deported. This is good news but far too late.
    By the way, what co-operation has Muhbeen Hussain provided for SYP. What information has he given to help them prosecute the filthy Islamic scumbags who raped and abused our children? Absolutely sod all! It’s time SYP stuck two fingers up to this lot and said, you’ll need us well before we need you and stop trying to manipulate the press and everyone else. Better still, GO AWAY!


    • This they should be deported comment gets thrown about a lot!! How can said individual be deported if they are born in the GB. Where should we deport the to? Deport them out of Rotherham or maybe even deport them out of southyorkshire. Absolute idiot


      • Why not deport back to there ethnic origins, which would be Pakistani. Since there so fund of trying the live that culture and won’t intregrate, why don’t they just go back and realise what a shit hole there place really is. Then they will appreciate what life Britain and Rotherham has provided for them. If they do decide to stay in that shit hole call Pakistan, at least our children would be safe.


  14. Dear Anonymous, I know the current law says that if they were born here, they are British. Laws are made by man and can be changed by man, just like the laws on gay marriage and homosexuality both of which used to be unlawful. We talk about “British Muslims”, a term which is as much a misnomer as “Islamophobia”, a word invented by the Muslims to cover up they filthy, corrupt and evil culture. It’s time we changed the law so that we do not have to put up with these ungrateful scum any longer.
    You’re the idiot for suggesting we should have to put up with it, Sorry!


    • Actually it’s been very educational, because everybody complains about the British way of life. You know, where your allow to prey to whatever religion takes you fancy, whether your from another religious, ethnic, cultural, gender, class, are all equal under the law and thereby given equal opportunites, yes sounds nice, but doesn’t always work. What this scandal shows is the depths of depravity these Pakistani (Muslims) would descend to to propogate their ethnic and religious surpposed superiority. However it has shown them to be backward, lying, hypocritical perverts.


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