A Study – Rotherham, Rochdale, and the Racialised Threat of the ‘Muslim Grooming Gang’

Rotherham, Rochdale, and the Racialised Threat of the ‘Muslim Grooming Gang’

Waqas Tufail


For over a decade, British Muslims have been at the forefront of political, media and societal concerns in regards to terrorism, radicalisation, women’s rights, segregation and, most recently, the sexual exploitation and abuse of young women. Demonised, marginalised and criminalised due to inflammatory political rhetoric, inaccurate, irresponsible and sensationalist media reporting, discriminatory counter terrorism policies and legislation and state surveillance, British Muslims have emerged as a perceived racialised threat. This has continued apace with the onset of the Rochdale and Rotherham ‘grooming’ child sexual abuse scandals which in popular discourse have been dominated by representations focusing on race, ethnicity and the dangerous masculinities of Muslim men. This disproportionate and racist narrative served to both frame and limit the debate relating to the sexual exploitation and violence experienced by young female victims at a pivotal moment when the issue had been brought to national attention. This article compares and contrasts the representations and discourse of racialised and non-racialised reporting of child sexual abuse and situates the ‘grooming’ scandals in the context of anti-Muslim racism. It argues that the development of the British Muslim as a racialised threat is a current and on-going legacy of colonialism in which this group experiences discriminatory ‘othering’ processes resulting in their marginalisation.

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15 thoughts on “A Study – Rotherham, Rochdale, and the Racialised Threat of the ‘Muslim Grooming Gang’

    • Agree, always the Muslims are the victims, demonised by the press, Society etc. But nothing about them raping children, bombing innocent people. Too many apologists for these people.


  1. There is one simple answer to all their woes……….If they don’t like the attention this scumm has brought on themselves then go back to your homeland or a predominately Muslim country.


  2. Waqar is disingenuous here from the off,

    He writes

    “The time period examine was between 2010 and 2014.”

    He cites Andrew Norfolk’s Rotherham article of 24th Sept 2012 but he neglected to cite Norfolk’s seminal article of the 5th January 2011 which established a pattern of Pakistani group/gang grooming from 1997-2010

    1st case

    “November 1997: Leeds
    Mohammed Naim Rashid, 21: kidnap, rape, indecent assault, actual bodily harm. Seven years. Abid Hussain Sadique, 21: kidnap, rape. Four years. Leeds Crown Court.
    Police uncover ring of private-hire drivers grooming girls as young as 12, using them for sex in room above taxi office and taking them to other towns. 23 arrests, 20 victims. Five charged. Delwar Hussain, 24: two counts of indecent assault. 15 months.”


    So a bit selective in terms of time frame here

    Waqar doesn’t appear to know what the word disproportionate means, or chooses not to.

    There have been around 30 such group/gang grooming trials since 97, and more are going through the process now, Keighley, Rotherham(2), Halifax, Newcastle, Oxford(2) – as we know there should have been many more. There certainly is a disproportionality, but not in the way Waqar would have us believe. Given the demographics, if there was any proportionality, then there should have been hundreds of such trials where the group/gang perpetrators were white British; there simply aren’t, end of story.

    I couldn’t be bothered to sift through the rest of his self serving garbage, heard it all before.

    “The association, not of all CSE but group-based CSE, with mainly Pakistan heritage is undeniable………”

    Oxford Serious Case Review


  3. This is typical of the Muslim mentality. “If we can’t do what we want, where we want and how we want, we proclaim we are victims of racial abuse. The fact is, it is the white British people who are racially abused by this filth.
    Whyever they are allowed to practice their disgusting culture in this country, I will never know. They have infected this country with their Medieval ways in both local and national government and their culture is totally corrupt and abusive to non muslims. It’s time they were put in their place, which is not in this Country if they want to carry on in this manner. They have the freedom to leave at any time but I do think it is time we clamped down on their abhorrent practices.
    As far as I am concerned they are quite welcome to live in this country providing they don’t practice and inflict on us, their filthy, corrupt, dishonest and abusive culture. If they don’t comply, deport them, even if they were born here. If they love Islam that much, they should go and live in an Islamic State but DON’T INFLICT IT ON US!


  4. Anonymous

    But don’t you realise the cultural enrichment that your target group has brought to this country?
    Here’s just a few

    Ritual slaughter of animals without pre-stunning.
    Ritual genital mutilation of infants of both genders.
    Forced marriages of under age females.
    “Honour” killings.
    Taxi based pimping of mainly under age white girls.
    Non co-operation with the system of law enforcement and the resulting protection of the perpetrators of the previous taxi related activity.


    • Drug dealing , isn’t the Whiteman that’s on the borders of Afghanistan, importing the Herion. Any kind of fraud from Dole handouts to card crimes. Slavery. You name it their involved. But not to worry they have made positive contributions, the curry, although would you trust the stuff they use was kosher ?


      • @Sickofthem, it certainly wouldn’t be Kosher would it, that would make it Jewish! The dirty b*****ds would probably have spit in it though.


  5. @Beria 53, I was just giving a general outline of what these despicable people have inflicted on this country. The list against them is endless. I am sick of being abused by these vermin and I’m afraid it won’t be too long before people take the law into their own hands and deal with this filth. Enoch Powel’s predictions may come to fruition very soon if nothing is done about it.


    • Now your being racists, vermin do what they do out of necessity, to survive. These lot do it out of choice because they are so arrogant they believe they can treat other people, in particular other people children with utter contempt. We, human are surpposed to be more intelligent than animals, you wouldn’t see an animals abusing the young, but these creatures have. Even worse they have been protected and encourage by these multi-cultralists idiots. Even worse these misguided fools will even come out and surpport this lowlife, by marching with them complaining about there rights, what about the rights of the little white girls.


  6. Publish and let your audience decide Rik rather than accommodate every racist comment you can. You even permitted use of the ‘P’ word on here. Shame.


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