26 thoughts on “Ofsted report – still failing then?

  1. It makes horribly grim reading.

    Since Parfreyman has only been in post for a year or so, it would be wrong to target her*, the problem is with the entire organisation – and it just has no concept of how to change or make change.
    Which of the Commissars has overriding responsible for this area now?

    * http://www.rotherham.gov.uk/news/article/222/new_director_of_safeguarding_children_and_families_at_rotherham_council


    • To RR

      Your ‘generosity’ of spirit towards a fat salary appointment recruited post Jay, is totally unacceptable.

      Our children’s safety is of paramount importance and reading this horrific Ofsted Report shows that no has made no progress has been made within a year.

      It is not unreasonable to expect an expensive leadership appointment to have rolled her sleeves up by now. Simply shameful.

      As usual, SAFEGUARDING does not exist where vulnerable people and especially children, exist. RMBC continue to fail to either acknowledge, understand it know how to put this into practice or account for it.


      • My views may be unacceptable to you, but I personally think youtotally miss the point. I guess that makes us equal in some way.
        And now read Titan’s posting below.


  2. Will Ms Champion be calling for an urgent multi stakeholder summit to address the failings?
    No, they are predominately white working class children from troubled backgrounds, no votes in this for her.

    Good to see that our well paid commissioners are on top of the issue, as they say you need to pay top $ to attract the highest caliber of individual to the commissioner posts so they can deliver the change required.


    • To Anon

      Quite simply, Champion does NOT know how to address the protection of children and young adults other than ‘raise awareness’ or write reports or ‘make it the schools’ responsibility’ or simply advocate ‘training’. Same old, same old.

      She is totally out of her depth and knows it hence her shift to protecting the very community that abused hundreds of children got years.

      Sadly, I doubt she is even aware that most of us are familiar with her shortcomings. She is always in a rush to get to the light of the nearest media lens or TV camera.


  3. A failing Children`s home in an area that has been blighted by CSE. A Town which has been pumping money in, to protect Children. Yet safeguarding are still raising concerns. Let me guess, a Labour Cllr has the Chair of the Committee that oversees “looked after children”. And I will make a safe prediction that he/she is still in post.
    Hear we go again.


    • Didn’t they bring a new head of Social Services, to great fanfare, Ian Thomas to sort out these services. What’s he on £100,000+ a year. Seems like no matter how much money you throw at a problem in Rotherham, all they attract are the incompetent bums from other areas, looking to make a fast buck.


    • But if it takes years to sort out these problems, how many more children will be fail, which this council can’t afford to wait. Might as well ship them off to another Council, which can do the job.


      • How many children should the council uproot and ‘ship off to another council then’? Tell you what, maybe we should stick to judging X factor from ar armchairs eh bud.


  4. Why not, at least your be getting better ratings than your getting at the moment. Think about this authority, has had two major investigations, Jay & Casey. Lost count of the numerous other investigations pertaining to this subject. How many times has OfSted been here. Other organisations, Bernandos , new head of Children Services, new Councils leaders, new staff from other areas, tons of new money and there still fucking up. The only factor this council should get is the W.


      • Someone with a lot more common sense than the bums screwing up. If they can’t fix it. Admit it and pass over to someone else. It’s not about professional jealously anymore, it’s about the care of vunerable children. Sometimes people won’t admit they can’t cope and make matters worse.


    • I think your missing the whole point here. Apparently, all aspects of social services, including the Children Homes, would’ve been gone over with a fine comb and solutions for past mistakes, noted and introduced. Since they were startling from a blank canvas and we’re bringing in more professional and trained staff. Following all the correct procedures as identified by OfSted, surely the services can only improve. But they were making the same mistakes, so lesson haven’t been learnt.


      • ‘Apparently’ – the problem in your submission is that word right there. I’m not missing the point at all. New people have arrived over the past few months to repair years of failure. You are getting ‘excited’ about a home which had been found inadequate against that backdrop and my questions to you are: which council is going to take over? What legislation will be used to allow such a takeover? In such circumstances who will be democratically accountable? How many kids are you suggesting are uprooted? Given you expect this lot to have repaired everything in MONTHS how many months will you be giving the new council to fix EVERYTHING? Those are the questions I’m putting to you. As a resident I am monitoring the situation very closely. I’ve seen more people charged for sexual offences than ever before and saw reports in the media a couple of months back from CSE victims and survivors who have said things are improving in their eyes. Therefore my challenge to you is informed and valid.


  5. Things are improving and more people being charged. Your easily brought out with a little spin. Look, some 1400+ children were raped and abused, and that’s is generally accepted an underestimation. How many of these vile creatures, who cause this mess in the first place have been charged….. 100’s , no around 10. So there is maybe 100’s of these things, maybe several generations of the same family, walking about the town smugly believing they have got away with it. Now since a contributing factor to allowing these creatures to Committ the crimes, was the Homes, basically delivering theses children to these perverts. You would have thought, every step and effort, would be taken to make sure these homes were safe and providing these kids with a chance. It seems not. No my friend , things will never improve in this unfortunately, god forbidden town , until the vermin are removed and that includes the apologists, who have been protecting this filth.


    • Still no answers to my questions. Thought as much. It’s more than 10. As for the 1400 what do you think the National Crime Agency is doing? There’s no point continuing this as it’s clear you have no credible solution to fixing all the failures over the years immediately.


      • The answer to your question is for people to do the job there paid to do and to a very high standard. Once you’ve identified the problems and came up with the solutions, it should’ve been too hard to follow best practice. Other Councils manage to provide a good service, why not Rotherham. You can’t keep making excuses and blaming the past you’ve had long enough to learn the lessons.


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