Cat Among the Pigeons: Uber Lands in Rotherham

In parts of the UK and indeed the world Uber have provided a serious business challenge to traditional taxi firms. Hackney and Private Hire.

Being a frequent taxi user I regularly use Uber when in London, and the taxi have always ben in good condition and when asked the drivers say they prefer working through Uber to any other form of taxi company.

In Rotherham I always ask taxi drivers about Uber, and in my limited survey drivers say they want to work for Uber. To know more go to

As of yesterday I got an email saying that Uber has started operating in Rotherham.

The interesting thing for RothPol is not so much the impact on drivers, as on the capo di mafia from the Kashmiri who have risen to comparative wealth and notoriety by skimming their margin from the drivers take; the taxi firm owners.

Uber has led to high level legal challenges across the world and a few turf wars…due to removing the charges of the middle-men taxi firms customers  get low prices, drivers higher incomes  and through competition remove some of the less than fair practices taxi firms use to protect their patch and charges.

All this while retaining or even boosting drivers income.

Interesting times in Rotherham, Uber has landed.  The Uber mobile phone app can be found in Apple, Microsoft and Android online app shops.


15 thoughts on “Cat Among the Pigeons: Uber Lands in Rotherham

  1. Before you leap for joy, take a look at this week’s local paper it has a very disturbing article regarding the standards within the Rotherham taxi trade or lack of, Uber will not protect you and your families from the drivers RMBC have struck off.

    Be careful what you wish for.


    • Just downloaded the app for uber signed up and ordered a taxi , from signing up to taxi arriving took 7 mins very professional imo, the driver said some other drivers don’t like uber because they would have to pay tax on there fair ………….


  2. watch your bank account and for unlicensed drivers a lot of town and citys have problems with uber and drivers complaining that they wait weeks /months for payments made on line by debit/credit cards


    • So if an licensed taxi driver rips you off, is abusive and rapes your children, Doesn’t pay taxes and claims benefits, he’s a credit to the Rotherham Taxi trade, but if he’s from Uber, he’s untrustworthy!!!


  3. Introducing more competition will, in the first instance, lead to an over-supply but this will enable the market to determine the service the customers want and the price they are prepared to pay. The current system, like any which regulates supply but not demand, must inevitably be resulting in higher prices and worse service than normal market forces would determine.


  4. Leaving aside the issue of the “quality” of some of our local private hire and taxi drivers, what I don’t like about Uber – is it’s demand-based “surge pricing model”, It really didn’t help when their charges more than doubled during a recent transport strike in London The black cab I used turned out cheaper! ,


  5. Mary Ney is now taking long overdue action regarding taxi drivers who should never have been allowed the wheel of a taxi in Rotherham.

    Due to the influence certain Labour Cllrs had over the former licensing panel individuals with dubious backgrounds continued to ply their trade in Rotherham.

    Remember the mass demo outside the Town Hall when the taxi trade tried to stop the introduction of CCTV, why would you want to stop CCTV being fitted to your cab if you had nothing to hide?
    A bit like boycotting the police and threatening your community if they co-operated with the police during the country’s largest child sex abuse investigation.

    Mary Ney has stood up to the thugs, they played the race card and she stood firm, a pity the local Labour MP and Labour Police and Crime Commissioner took the easy road out.


    • The reason Mary Ney can act with impunity is that she has no alegencies to any Party or groupings and therefore can make decisions that will benefit all of the community. If she is weeding out the undesirables , who should never have been licensed taxi drivers and setting up a license department fit for purposes, then she would’ve been an success. However it is when she leaves, when we will see if her changes will stand the test of time. Remember the same curruptable bums, which got us in this mess in the first place, will still be there.


      • As soon as Mary Ney leaves they will all stick their snouts firmly back in the trough unless there is a complete change of council, which should have happened at the last elections had it not been for the spineless and apathetic Rotherham voters attitude, “Oh I’ve allways voted Labour because my Mum and Dad did”.


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