Calls for referendum on elected mayor for South Yorkshire

Calls for referendum on elected mayor for South Yorkshire

Sheffield councillors will be asked to vote for a referendum on plans for a new elected mayor for the area.

Sheffield City Region has an in-principle devolution deal for extra powers and £900m over 30 years from Whitehall, which includes a directly elected mayor from 2017.

A new motion by Green councillors has been submitted to Sheffield Council’s full meeting on Wednesday objecting to the imposition of an elected mayor.

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3 thoughts on “Calls for referendum on elected mayor for South Yorkshire

  1. We should have a referendum. Apart from Doncaster the electorate voted years ago and chose NOT to have an elected Mayor. Why should the current rabble of Councillors go against their constituents now?


  2. This is a terrible deal.

    I understand that unlike the London Mayor, there isn’t going to be a democratically elected assembly to scrutinise decisions made, instead we’ll have a board of all 9 local council leaders.

    That means we’ll not only end up with a Labour mayor but 8 out 9 local council leaders (scrutinising 900 million pounds being spent) are also Labour.

    This also means that despite around 4 in 10 local people voting Labour,the future of Sheffield City Region will be decided round a table where 9 out of 10 people belong to Labour.

    All this without any referendum.

    No wonder local Labour leaders think this is a great idea.

    So there we have it Labour scrutinising Labour, what could go wrong?


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