Children still being placed at risk in Rotherham

Outcry as fresh report shows children still being placed at risk in Rotherham

A SOLICITOR representing victims of child sexual exploitation has sharply criticised Rotherham Council after a recent damning inspection report into a children’s home revealed serious safeguarding failures which have led to its closure.

David Greenwood said it was “staggering” the council could have potentially put children at risk again following the fallout from the town’s grooming scandal during which more than 1,400 children were abused over a 16-year period.

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4 thoughts on “Children still being placed at risk in Rotherham

  1. Although I would’ve very suspicious of this solicitor, touting for business, the fact that even after 3 inspections, they still couldn’t get it right would be of very great concern in regards to other parts of children’s services. Love the response from the Counci, they had already decided to shut this home down, as they had belated realise it had too many problems.

    Was the problems staff training or staff not following procedures. If the latter was disciplinary action taken againist them. If the former, does this Jane Parfrement deserve still to be leading this service?


  2. After each inspection a report would be sent and the Committee who has responsibility for looked after children would have seen those reports. What action did they take after the first report ?. What action did they take after the second report ?. The committee were fully aware of what was happening. A children`s home was failing dramatically and nothing seems to have been put in place to stop the issues from continuing. The Chair of the Committee should be brought to account ( does anyone know who that is ?.) I get the impression “that here we go again”, Cllrs walking into meetings and not comprehending that they have legal duties to perform.


  3. From Cllr Hoddinott`s Twitter page.

    Difficult to hear about Rotherham Children’s Homes situation in scrutiny. Director of Children’s Services has apologised to members.
    8:07 AM – 4 Nov 2015 •

    Post Jay report, post Casey report, modus operandi of perpetrators known to the police, known to social workers, known to Children Services, known to members of the RMBC scrutiny committee and still perpetrators are able to target vulnerable children in the so called care of RMBC.

    Lessons learned, don’t make me laugh, nothing on the towns MP social media sites calling for action, nothing from the Police and Crime Commissioner asking why the homes were still at risk.

    Both more concerned about jumping through hoops to pander to those prepared to boycott the police.

    Only in Labour controlled Rotherham could this still be happening.


    • Children in care are more vulnerable because of the challenges they face. The report says nothing about them being targeted by perpetrators but that the staff were not following procedures set down for them to reduce CSE risk factors.


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