Police probe into racially motivated attack in Rotherham

Police probe into racially motivated attack in Rotherham

A teenage boy and man were assaulted in Rotherham in what police are treating as a racially motivated attack.

The victims, aged 15 and 20, were verbally abused and attacked outside Asda in Aldwarke Lane, Dalton, at 11.30pm on Tuesday.

They both suffered minor head injuries.

Read on…. http://www.thestar.co.uk/news/crime/police-probe-into-racially-motivated-attack-in-rotherham-1-7552447

6 thoughts on “Police probe into racially motivated attack in Rotherham

  1. If the police are treating it as racially motivated and a ‘hate crime’ then the likelihood is that the suspects are white. if not it is contrary to the narrative. As Bahar Mustfa commented on the Met dropping charges against her for allegedly tweeting #kill all the white men that BME cannot be racist. No grooming has ever been described as a hate crime or racially motivated by plod.


    • Funny how they haven’t mention the colour of the suspects or who there looking for. if it’s outside an Asda, then it will have CTV.


  2. It’s funny isn’t it? When Muslims attacked a Bradford Asian family who had become Christians, it wasn’t classed as a “Hate Crime”. So what does constitute a hate crime? Is it only when Muslims are attacked for raping our children, abusing our society and generally sticking 2 fingers up to all that is British. It would appear so!


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